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3 Steps to Grow your 3PL Business

As a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) organization, to differentiate yourself in the marketplace you must be able to evolve and adapt to the ever changing needs of your customers and prospects. Each individual industry and company (whether it be a retailer, manufacturer or transportation company) will have varying requirements, and as a diverse service offering, your systems need to be able to speak to as many as possible. Through integrating the right software and processes, adjusting your services to your clients’ needs can be done with ease. Keep in mind these potential requirements, when looking to grow and retain your client base:

Step 1 Security:

When working with a 3PL, companies need to know their shipments are in the right hands at all times. This means that deliveries are being made on time, top-notch organization is maintained, and damages are minimized. Managing a large fleet can be difficult to keep track of driver and delivery performance. By integrating measuring tools, such as reports, tracking etc., you can view and compare your partners’ delivery performance to measure the efficiency of deliveries, who is handling them throughout the supply chain and ensure that they are arriving in the right hands. Investing in technical software that allows you to offer signature capture, supply chain visibility and proof of delivery is a concrete way to offer your partner’s the security they need.

Step 2 Scalability: 

As a 3PL, you need to be able to grow with your customers. Whether your client base are small independent retailers, or large conglomerates, having the systems in place that allow you to expand and shrink your fleet as demand fluctuates will put you above your competitors. You need to have a system that is scalable, and customizable to your client’s needs that enables growth opportunities to support more and more shipments.

Step 3 Communication:

You need to be connected to your team at all times. This means your fleet, your dispatch, your admin and your clients. Having a software that allows you to see the actions throughout the supply chain offer full visibility and transparency throughout your team that you can convey to your clients. Communication is key for efficient internal processes and successful business relationships.

Being reliable, scalable and easily accessible is key to maintaining a well-rounded 3PL company. To further expand your business and keep gaining large clients, as well as fully organize your internal processes you need to ensure you can offer the correct standards of security, growth capabilities and ease of communication. These are just a few of the examples a shipping software like ShipTrack can help expand your growth opportunities as a 3PL.

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