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10 Common Causes Of Delayed Deliveries

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Although uncommon, one of the truly unsatisfying things to occur after placing an order is late delivery.

In a perfect world, package delivery would occur on time without any issues or delays. But, in some instances, shipments can arrive with damage, faults, and incorrect attributes.

Shipping delays, as well as receiving damaged goods, occur on a daily basis.  These issues create angry customers eager to find out why they occur and how soon they will receive the package or compensation.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most common reasons for delays. We also share how and what type of technology can help shipping companies can delivery positive customer experiences.

Lack of Visibility During Delayed Deliveries


Ensuring clear visibility throughout the supply chain is vital for assuring a safe and timely shipment from one end to another. Without it, organizations may become victim to countless inefficiencies, which can lead to delays, damage or losing shipments.

Betting on technology to deliver clarity throughout the entire shipping process is a sure way for delivery companies to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Delivery software can provide couriers and their customers with transparency throughout the delivery process.

Highlighted features:

  • Digital Waybills
  • Shipping Label Creation
  • Item Level Scanning
  • Route Building
  • Signature Capture

Inadequate Technology During Delayed Deliveries


Old software or antique hardware poses enormous problems for delivery companies since it limits the ability to integrate new technologies and access features which help mitigate shipment delays.

Investing in the proper hardware alongside a cloud-based software can provide a much more holistic approach which enables couriers, 3PL, logistics and transportation companies to stay connected and profit from real-time data.

Motor Vehicle Troubles During Delayed Deliveries


Vehicle breakdowns are bound to happen at some point in time. From this standpoint, if a breakdown occurs during a shipment, there are unavoidable delays, not much to do about it, right?

Turns out technology can provide a solution even in dire cases. With web-based tracking, courier companies can locate and dispatch the nearest driver to the vehicle experiencing issues and relay all necessary packages to the end destination on time and in priority sequence.

Lost Packages During Delayed Deliveries


Probably the most frustrating experience for a customer to endure always starts with the question: “Where is my package?”.

What causes a lost package? There are quite a few possibilities which can range from a simple misplacement, damaged shipping label or merely an accidental removal.

Technology to the rescue? Proof of Delivery can play a huge role in protecting all parties involved, from the organization to the intended receiver. With real-time tracking and tracing capabilities, the courier and the customer will always know where the package is during the delivery process.

Weather Conditions in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed DeliveriesWeather conditions

For all delivery businesses, safety must always be a priority. With weather, road shut-downs, inevitably end up causing delays due to slow transits.

As frustrating as it may be for customers when weather conditions dictate the pace of delivery, there is only so much delivery companies can do to ensure timely delivery.

Traffic in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed DeliveriesTraffic

At this point, finding a city without any traffic is close to impossible. Between construction, accidents, major roadblocks and detours, it is becoming increasingly common to hear of people experiencing delays during their transit.

Courier drivers can take advantage of route optimization software.  It can pinpoint the fastest route possible and update it in real-time to avoid delay-inducing events.

High Volume Shipments in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed DeliveriesHigh volume shipments

A sudden or unexpected increase in shipment delivery volumes can overwhelm a delivery company that is not equipped with an adequate software system.

This is most common during the holiday season when the shopping extravaganza begins. As online orders skyrocket, so does the requirement of a courier management software which can efficiently distribute the proper volume to drivers through the most efficient routes.

Failed Delivery Attempt in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed Deliveries
Failed delivery attempt

Taking the spotlight off of courier companies, customers may be the cause behind a failed delivery attempt if there was no one there to receive the package.

If an attempt has been made to deliver the package, the driver will have to move on to pending orders to avoid delays.  The fact is they usually have a fixed amount of time to wait for an answer (hint: it’s very short).

Fortunately, this issue can be easily solved with the right track and trace system. This ensures that your customers are updated in real-time and will know when they should be home to receive the package.

Customs in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed Deliveries

Shifting to an international perspective, as a carrier facing customs, you must ensure that all the required documents are present and filled to avoid any issues.

Without the proper documentation, delays are inevitable, and it can quickly escalate to further complications if authorities decide to inspect your cargo.

In the situation where goods are held at customs, retailers need to have a back-up plan.  Part of the back up plan are partnerships with reliable courier services which keep documents accurate.

Lack of Clarity in 10 Common Causes Of Delayed Deliveries
Lack of Clarity

A common issue which can occur when operating without a reliable courier software is simply unclear hand-writing.  Given the nature of the delivery industry, opting for pen and paper can lead to recurring mistakes or mishaps happening.

Shipping labels play a crucial part also.  If they are of poor quality, it can pose problems for couriers when reading or scanning them. In essence, depending on the human element for tasks which can be automated can lead to slight unreliability.

By opting for logistics management software, lost packages can easily be a thing of the past for delivery organizations. With clear end-end package visibility, starting from the delivery person, the right technology platform can undoubtedly:

  • boost reliability
  • allow growth and scalability
  • provide full accountability

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