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Track and Trace Documents for Peace of Mind

A Courier Equipped with Package Tracker Software Ensures Timely, Accurate Document Delivery

Track and trace applications have many uses—some very obvious, and some considerably less so. Everyone knows you can use a package tracker to monitor the progress of everything from online purchases to fast food delivery. But the truth is, anything that moves from one place to another is a good candidate for getting a little boost from this kind of technology, including important documents. From medicine and law to filing patents and copyrights, the potential applications of a package-tracking program are nearly endless, and we’ll look at a few of them here.

Legal Documents

Perhaps the biggest benefit of tack and trace software is that it significantly reduces the risk of something becoming lost in transit. This is especially handy in the delivery of legal documents—if such a document failed to make it into the hands of its recipient, this could mean serious trouble, whether for the recipient, the sender, or both.

Everything from claims and affidavits to subpoenas and legal summons can be traced as they’re delivered, with a guarantee of delivery that eliminates pesky complications in a legal process.

Track and Trace Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information

Are you filing a patent? Perhaps you’re trying to copyright a specific work of art or design. You want to make sure that your courier successfully delivers your application to the patent office before you unveil your creation, or you may be exposed to the risk of someone else beating you to the punch.

Novelists in particular will especially appreciate the benefits of a good package tracker. Are you on a tight deadline to hand in the final revised, edited, and proofed chapters to your publisher—but you’re in Ottawa and they’re in Toronto? You can rest a lot easier at night knowing with certainty that your documents made it on time because you could see the package trace in real-time as you track it on your mobile device or home computer.

Track and Trace - Medical Industry Application

Medical and Scientific Data

When you need a patient’s X-rays that were taken at another hospital (because turning on that machine again is much more expensive), you’d hate to see them get lost in transit. Track and trace software from ShipTrack will track the package and help you feel that much needed peace of mind. The same goes for sending important scientific research from one lab to another, or sending the findings to be published in a journal. You could just hope that any courier will get it there on time, or you can have a solid guarantee of a timely and efficient delivery.

The bottom line is, regular and overnite couriers who use package-tracking software are more efficient. This is because you’re not the only one watching their progress; they can cut out inefficiencies with software that plans out best delivery routes and makes sure that no package is overlooked. When you choose to send a document with a package tracker-equipped courier, you’re investing in making sure it arrives on time.

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