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Modern Professional Couriers: A Day in the Life

How Package-Tracking Applications Make Route Planning, Proof of Delivery, and More Effortless

Professional couriers have played an important role for many years, thanks in no small part to the people who love travelling, working outdoors, and the independence that comes with the job. Like any career choice, this one does has its share of downfalls. Many of these arise from technical issues, such as generating and keeping record of a proof of delivery. Recently, however, new technology has helped clear away many of the obstacles faced by couriers. Package tracking has completely changed how couriers, businesses, and customers interact through improved accuracy, reliable delivery times, and cost-efficient route planning.

Starting the Day Right

Traditionally, a professional courier would either go into the office to await the assignments for that day, or wait for a call from a dispatcher. However, with a package tracking app, there is no need to wait. Assignments are now sent electronically and automatically to the courier via the app. The only piece of equipment the courier needs is a smartphone and potentially a barcode-capable device. After picking up the day’s deliveries, a GPS-optimized route will be generated that allows for every delivery to be made in the most efficient way possible.

Error Prevention and Correction

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. At one point, if a courier made a mistake, fixing it would be a long process, often involving tracking down mistakenly-delivered parcels. When a package gets shipped to the wrong location, customers will experience longer wait times, which in turn reflects poorly on your company. With a tracking app, this kind of error can usually be avoided from the start. But if it does happen, it can be fixed much faster because once the package is registered with the app, both the company and the courier can track and retrieve it. Another common mistake is when paperwork gets lost during the course of a work day. On a busier day, a courier may not even realize this has happened until the end of the day. Through electronic invoicing and proof of delivery, all paperwork is eliminated and therefore can’t be lost. Even if it isn’t lost, paperwork can also be easily damaged—a coffee spill, wear and tear, et cetera. When documents are digitized, nothing can make that signature disappear.

Clocking Out

After the day is done, a professional courier who works with a package tracking app goes home. There’s no paperwork to fill out or deliver to the main office, there’s no dispatcher to report to, and there’s no lost paperwork to find. All of these things have been taken care of by the app. After each delivery, the application automatically sends the “paperwork” and proof of delivery where it needs to go, and the courier moves on to the next delivery.

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