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Grocery Delivery Express and How We Shop

Why the Time is Right for Grocery Shopping to Move Online

The eCommerce industry has inarguably changed the way we shop for goods and services. We can see this in the shift from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers such as bookstores and movie rental stores to online services like Amazon and Netflix. Grocery stores and grocery delivery services are being impacted by the shift to eCommerce as well.

Online grocery delivery services have been attempted in the past—a company called Webvan, which allowed customers to order groceries via the web, went bankrupt in 2001. Like many other businesses that failed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was a terrific business idea that was just a little too ahead of its time. Today, however, the time is ripe for grocery delivery express services to make a significant comeback. Here’s why:

Dependable Deliveries in Grocery Delivery Express and How We ShopDependable Deliveries

If you order a pair of shoes or a book online, you might become a little bit frustrated if you check your package tracking information online and see that your shipment will be delayed a day or two, but it won’t affect the book or shoes. On the other hand, a delay in a grocery shipment can cause your time sensitive produce and other perishables to spoil, effectively wasting your money and time. Due to the incredible growth of eCommerce, shipping has drastically improved since the early 2000s and the advent of same-day delivery from online retailers means you’ll never have to wait.

Demand in a Competitive Market in Grocery Delivery Express and How We ShopDemand in a Competitive Market

Of course, it’s easy to delay purchasing a book or a pair of shoes because they are non-essential items. Everyone needs food; however, not everyone is able to devote the time or effort to grocery shopping that others take for granted. Empowering customers to shop online while monitoring their grocery shipments goes a long way to building trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

The industry has notoriously thin profit margins. Every penny counts, and even the smallest gains in efficiency or the slightest decrease in costs can have a significant impact on a retailer’s bottom line. Most retailers have already gotten their product costs down as low as they can, so the next step to remain a viable and competitive by offering delivery express services. Package tracking tools allow retailers to reduce the financial risks that might otherwise discourage them from expanding into this growing industry.

Tracking Information Benefits in Grocery Delivery Express and How We ShopTracking Information Benefits

In addition to the standard data collection techniques, implementing shipment tracking technology presents an opportunity for an exciting and entirely new method of customer analytics. What categories of items do customers choose delivery services for? Do those deliveries replace in-store shopping habits, or do they supplement them? Vendors who provide grocery delivery express services have a wide range of tools at their disposal to ensure that they’re maximizing their opportunities, and package tracking technology should be one of those tools.

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