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Boost Satisfaction with a Package Tracking App

A Shipping App Is The Modern-Day Solution For Deliveries

Online shopping is an easy and sometimes preferred way to shop these days. However, the uncertainty of when a package will arrive can leave customers feeling fretful. Many customers are at work during the times when regular mail is delivered. In these cases, customers have to worry about a valuable package sitting on their front step, or will have to go to the post office at a later time to pick up the package—which defeats the purpose of convenient online shopping. A shipping app will solve these delivery issues.

With the app, your company can offer express delivery with the ability to track packages and provide proof of delivery. Your customers, meanwhile, won’t have to worry about when their packages will arrive. Here are some of the benefits of modernizing delivery with a shipping app:

Track Packages

Shipping apps track packages from the beginning to the end of the delivery. By providing your customers with a tracking code, you are giving them peace of mind because they can look up where their packages are at any time online. Tracking packages allows customers to have the certainty of a delivery time so they can make sure they’re home to receive their packages.

Express Delivery

Many companies offer same-day and express delivery to satisfy customers. The express delivery option allows customers to plan when their packages will arrive, which will reduce their worries. A shipping app provides ease of planning (routes and dispatching), shipping, and tracking so that express deliveries run smoothly, and delivery drivers aren’t overworked.

Proof of Delivery

With a mobile shipping app, a customer signs for the package electronically at the time of delivery. This proof of delivery information is automatically sent out with the app. There is no risk or waiting involved since there is no paper to fill out, send, and possibly lose. The confirmation of delivery has the name, location, date, time, and signature of the recipient. This proof of delivery prevents packages from being lost, and reduces disputes over delivery, which is helpful for both customers and your business.

A shipping app will modernize your business and give you an edge over other delivery companies. By providing express delivery, the ability to track packages, and providing proof of delivery on a mobile device, time is saved, packages are accounted for, and customers are happy.

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