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Shipment Tracker Prevents Illegal Logging

How Shipment Tracking and Proof of Delivery Are Being Used to Protect Threatened Forests in Romania

Shipment tracking is becoming a popular way to provide efficient security within a variety of industries. Aside from ensuring the safe transport and delivery of parcels, shipment trackers with proof of delivery are being used in other industries to protect valuable resources.

As an example, the Romanian government has launched an online wood shipment tracker to prevent illegal logging and to protect the country’s forests. Romanian citizens can help the government identify illegal logging trucks by visiting this new tracking website and confirming whether the trucks are legal or not.

Since illegal logging continues to be a threat to Romanian forest, the government has been looking for innovative ways to get citizens involved in the protection of this valuable resource. The Romanian government started a hotline in 2014 for citizens to confirm whether or not logging trucks seen on the roads were registered and legal. This hotline confirmed that 25 percent of the trucks spotted were illegal.

In 2016, the Romanian government launched a mobile app version of their hotline, which may have had a significant effect on the number of illegal trucks. There was a 30 percent increase in trucks registered with legal transport documents.

Now, with the new website, citizens have access to real-time shipment tracking with maps, GPS locations, and information on logging trucks. This includes truck registration, shipment sizes, and the locations of where these trucks were loaded. The only missing link to a completely successful website is access to truck permits and travel documents. Once these documents are added to the shipment tracker website, visitors will be able to confirm whether the trucks have official legal documents.

Confirmation of whether the truck has permission to ship specific quantities from specific locations, or if it’s allowed to be shipping at all, is vitally important to stop illegal logging and identify those who are slipping through the cracks.

Romania’s innovative citizen-engagement tools are keeping up-to-date with technology, providing easy access for citizens to help protect their valuable forests. By using the shipment tracker website, citizens are helping the country to hold people and companies accountable, maintain compliance to laws, and protect the environment through the prevention of over-logging.

If enough people are concerned and engaged with environmental protection, and they can confirm illegal logging, then they will continue to have a significant influence on compliance in the logging industry.

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