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3 Big Ways Package Tracking Apps Benefit Drivers

ShipTrack BlogPost 3 big ways post tracking apps benefit drivers

Tracking a Package Has Significant Benefits to Customers and Drivers Alike

There are many diverse and quantifiable benefits to  tracking a package as it’s delivered—and to using the programs and technology that make this possible. There are benefits for the recipients, such as increased confidence and visibility. There are benefits for the vendor or courier, such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, and accountability. But what benefits do post tracking-enabled apps and software bring to the drivers that make the deliveries, particularly in the “last mile”?

Contractor-Ready Solutions in 3 Big Ways Post Tracking Apps Benefit DriversContractor-Ready Solutions

“Contractor-ready” is a phrase you may hear a lot of, but what does it really mean? In this context, a solution that is contractor-ready is one that can be deployed efficiently and quickly, even for new contractors who have not worked with you before. By using apps and peripherals that are compatible with consumer mobile devices, there is less time and money spent training and equipping a contractor—and they can learn their way around your tracking system more quickly, making this a two-fold benefit for both the shipping company and the driver.

Driver Safety in 3 Big Ways Post Tracking Apps Benefit DriversDriver Safety

Tracking a package doesn’t just make a driver’s life easier—it makes it safer too. Because modern programs and apps perform route optimization and planning for maximum efficiency, drivers will see less time on the road. Fewer miles driven means a decreased risk of fatigue, which in turn equates to less mistakes while driving. Also, thanks to GPS tracking, should a driver encounter trouble or lose contact for any reason, they can always be found.

Work Efficiency in 3 Big Ways Post Tracking Apps Benefit DriversWork Efficiency

As we mentioned before, post-tracking apps are contractor-ready. That means a driver can use a familiar device and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. These apps also provide a number of benefits that allow drivers to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. This includes optimized routes, immediate re-routing, accurate GPS directions, and more. There are also functions for data collection that reduce not only the time spent on these portions of the work, but also the chances of error. Paperwork is a thing of the past—now delivery details can be uploaded automatically with a scan and the press of a button. This means accurate, up-to-date information is always available, and there’s no possibility of lost or misplaced paperwork or forms. This includes updates on the statuses of deliveries in cases where a delivery attempt was made but the recipient was not home to receive the parcel.

Post tracking is revolutionizing the way we deliver mail, packages, and even food. With the right solutions, everyone can benefit from these innovations—not just the buyers and sellers, but the people who are at the forefront of the operation, the drivers without whom none of this would be possible. Tracking a package has never been easier, and the benefits have never been so great.

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