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3 Ways Parcel Trackers Improve Multi-Channel Retail

ShipTrack BlogPost 3 ways parcel trackers improve multi channel retail

Why Using a Parcel Tracker to Plan In-Store Pickup is an Effective Commerce Solution for Multi-Channel Retailers

With more consumers using multiple channels to shop, such as online purchases and in-store pickups, retailers must use innovative services to improve sales and customer satisfaction. They also stand to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. A package tracker can assist with the in-store pickup services by streamlining the shipments, providing visibility, and improving the customer experience.

Based on findings from North American shopper surveys, the majority of shoppers surveyed (92%) use multi-channel retail services; that is, they purchase online and pickup in-store. Only about a third of these shoppers (31.6%) found the in-store pickup services to be an easy process.

Shoppers prefer in-store pickup because it lets them save on shipping costs and allows them to return products immediately, retailers need to improve their in-store pick up services. Enhancing and integrating their online, in-store, and shipping systems is the way to start, in this case. Here’s how a package tracker can help with integration and can improve multi-channel retail:

Accurate Inventory Management in 3 Ways Parcel Trackers Improve Multi-Channel RetailAccurate Inventory Management

With a package tracker, retailers can update the inventory in their warehouses with a quick scan of the products, and automatically update inventory when products are ordered online and shipped to the store.

This responsive and up-to-date inventory can help both customers and retailers by providing a more accurate look. This can prevent mistakes in orders and give customers a reliable shopping experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction in 3 Ways Parcel Trackers Improve Multi-Channel RetailImprove Customer Satisfaction

An integrated multi-channel retail system will not only provide accurate inventory and shipments, but it can also provide better visibility for customers. A package tracker updates customers and retailers on the status of shipments, so customers will have a better idea of when they can pick up their products in-store.

Customers get peace of mind knowing that the right product is being shipped, while having an accurate delivery time.

Gain a Competitive Edge in 3 Ways Parcel Trackers Improve Multi-Channel RetailGain a Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

With more retailers offering same-day pickup at their stores, customers expect this higher level of service and are more likely to shop at these stores. The faster a customer can pick up their order, the more satisfied they will be. A package tracker can streamline this multi-channel retail service by improving inventory, speeding up deliveries, and allowing all operations (from the online purchase to the in-store pickup) to run smoothly.

Since multi-channel retail is the leading mode of shopping for customers in North America, it only makes sense to improve these online and in-store shipping systems. It’s a must to provide customers quick, convenient, and easy in-store pickups. A package tracker can help improve the customer experience while advancing retail operations, and gives retailers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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