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A Package Tracker for the Digital Mailroom

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Why It's Important for Organizations To "Track My Package"

In order to get a job done, or to get it done well, you first need the right tools. Though this idea is applicable in every industry, the difference for many organizations is that these tools are often in the form of information — data, documents, bank statements, memos, research, etc. The challenging part of running a large organization is ensuring the distribution of this information, which is usually done through a central hub or mailroom setting.

The Problem in a Package Tracker for the Digital MailroomThe Problem

Depending on the size of the organization, a mailroom can consist of thousands of pieces of mail that need to be distributed to dozens of different sectors and often it is up to personnel to manually “track my package”. Without a package tracker, the efficient delivery of this information is vulnerable to the human error associated with any manual process. In a retail environment lost, misplaced or delayed items may affect customer retention. Similarly, in an organization the effects can be quite costly.

New Technology in a Package Tracker for the Digital MailroomNew Technology

The digital age has created a high-speed business world that rarely stops and keeping up with it is no longer optional. When information is as vital to a business as a hammer is to a carpenter, tracking information and ensuring its delivery is a necessity and relying on personnel to “track my package” isn’t always a viable solution. Investing in a package tracker can help organizations minimize human error and prevent lost, delayed or misplaced information from affecting overall productivity. Most package tracker systems are easy to install, fast, efficient and virtually paperless. Better yet, most package tracker systems are also capable of adapting to the growing business. With features like GPS tracking, geocoding, high volume scanning, real time tracing, proof of delivery, notification management, web-based dashboards and route building, organizations can create and adapt a tracking solution in the ever-changing business world.

Ensuring Profitability in a Package Tracker for the Digital MailroomEnsuring Profitability

When all the other aspects of a business are changing in the digital age, it doesn’t make sense to leave the mailroom behind. Though it’s easy to overlook, the mailroom or central hub is in many ways the key to an organization’s success. Think about how much time and effort a retail business spends tracking and managing stock and inventory levels. When information, not unlike inventory, is equivalent to productivity, managing it in the same way via a package tracker or “track my package” system is the only way to ensure profitability in the fast pace of the digital world.

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