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Avoid These 5 Common Shipping Mistakes

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Tracking Technology Virtually Eliminates Shipping Mistakes

  • Incorrect Addresses
  • Inaccurate Shipment Weight
  • Improper Handling
  • Relying on One Carrier
  • Outdated proof of delivery system

Incorrect Addresses in Avoid These 5 Common Shipping MistakesIncorrect Addresses

By making sure you’re using an accurate shipment tracking platform, you are ensuring that every package will be delivered. Specifically, you want to use software that uses the most accurate geocoding available to eliminate incorrect addresses once-and-for-all. Additionally, software that provides more extensive databases to pinpoint exact longitude and latitudes of an address will better your chances of a timely and accurate delivery. Never rely on an incorrect Bill of Landing (BOL) again and switch to a shipment tracking platform to save your company time and money.

Inaccurate Shipment Weight in Avoid These 5 Common Shipping MistakesInaccurate Shipment Weight

Carriers have certified scales at all terminals, however not all organizations or customers can say the same. So, if you want to avoid re-classification fees because the customer input the incorrect weight, you need to ensure that this information is available to those handling the package. If they can access an accurate scale, they will be able to confirm the weight stated for the shipment. However, with shipment tracking platforms, editing package details is simple and can easily be completed by your team so you don't have to pay the bill for the mistakes of others.

Improper Handling in Avoid These 5 Common Shipping MistakesImproper Handling

There are a number of ways that packages can be mishandled throughout the shipping process. Whether the package is fragile and requires gentle handling or the shipments has to remain at a specific temperature or humidity level, these need to be a shipper’s priority. This is where visibility into deliveries becomes so important. By using a shipment tracking platform, you are able to see where the package is and who is handling the package, which increases accountability of those who are handling and delivering packages. Requirements can be enabled to ensure that each package is being handled properly.

Relying on One Carrier in Avoid These 5 Common Shipping MistakesRelying on One Carrier

Putting all your eggs in one basket, as the old saying goes, can be costly for you company. Putting all your trust in one carrier can prove to be a risky decision for your company since every company calls upon problems or increased demands, some carriers even deal with strikes within their company. So, the last thing you want to do is rely on only one to carry out your deliveries. However, with more carriers comes more room for mistakes, miscommunication and general disorganization. Eliminate this through implementing a shipment tracking platform that takes the hassle out of using multiple carriers. Rest assured that all your shipments would be taken care of and you will have all your information accessible from one platform.

Outdated Proof of Delivery System in Avoid These 5 Common Shipping MistakesOutdated proof of delivery system

Pen and paper systems are not only wasteful, but they are also slower and less accessible. Using a digital system ensures that your records are accessible quickly and easily. At the same time your company can invoice quicker and provide a more secure proof of delivery method. Shipment tracking software allows drivers to collect an electronic signature upon delivery. This eliminates the potential  of a lost or misplaced paper containing the signature. Stop wasting time and money on a paper system and implement a shipment tracking software platform now.

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