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Boost Same Day Delivery with Route Optimization

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New Shipment Tracker Systems Empower Your Business to Deliver Amazing Results

Courier services have proven to be one of the fastest-growing, most constantly evolving industries of the 21st century. Thanks to eCommerce and the promise of same day delivery, today, everyone and their mothers are ordering products straight to their front doors. But how do couriers keep up with the demand? Technological advancements—particularly in mobile and handheld devices—have brought shipment tracker software applications to a whole new level of accuracy. But the use of a more efficient, more reliable system begins before your field workers begin their delivery route—route optimization reduces labor hours, increases efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and gives you a strong return on investment (ROI).

Reduced Labour in Boost Same Day Delivery With Route OptimizationReduced Labor

There was a time when delivery routes could only be plotted out by hand. You’d assign each delivery to a different driver along an assigned route that would have occasional variations—but with the sheer number of deliveries being managed, it would be hard to make a truly efficient delivery plan, labor-wise. But with route optimization software, you can plot out deliveries to create routes that will ensure the greatest number of deliveries using the fewest vehicles and the least amount of time.

Increased Efficiency in Boost Same Day Delivery With Route OptimizationIncreased Efficiency

Before shipment tracker software, dispatchers would have to call their field workers for updates, often calling multiple times before getting up-to-date information on a package’s progress. Before the cellphone, it was even worse. Now, dispatchers can get updates in real time as each parcel is delivered, from same day delivery to cross-country treks involving multiple checkpoints.

Improved Customer Satisfaction in Boost Same Day Delivery With Route OptimizationImproved Customer Satisfaction

With optimized route planning, the window for a delivery estimate can be reduced from “all day” to a more specific time frame—sometimes even a two-hour-or-less window. This gives customers the power to better plan their day, freeing them from having to choose between waiting around to accept a package too big for their mailbox or letting it sit out in the open waiting for them.

Return on Investment in Boost Same Day Delivery With Route OptimizationReturn on Investment

Before you implement any system into your business strategy, you have to consider the ROI. This is because it’s often quite expensive to do this—there is new hardware and software to purchase, there are subscriptions to buy, and there is training to do with the new system. You need to know that it’ll be worth it. But when your new shipment tracker system lets you service more clients using fewer drivers, while spending less money on gas and vehicle maintenance, you’ll recoup your costs often within the first few years, and continue saving money for more years to come. If you offer same day delivery but don’t currently use route optimization, what are you waiting for?

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