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Chain of Custody in International Shipping

BlogPost ChainOfCustodyInInternationalShipping

Upgrade Your Service with Accurate, Reliable International Mail Tracking

The Chain of Custody (CoC) is a term you’ve probably heard of before, though not necessarily in reference to international mail tracking. Think of the last crime series you’ve watched, you’ve probably heard them throw that phrase around a lot in reference to important evidence as it passes from detective to forensics specialist to the evidence room. Well, there’s also a CoC in hospitals that plays a vital role in ensuring that biological samples are not contaminated in any way that may alter the results of a person’s medical tests.

Deliveries in Chain of Custody in International ShippingDeliveries

There is also a chain of custody when it comes to delivering mail and parcels. Whether locally or internationally, from the moment mail and parcels leave their source, through every sorting facility, and in the hands of every courier along the way, an item has to be accounted for. If an item is lost or misplaced, tracing the CoC back to the last known checkpoint helps pinpoint where it is and how error can be avoided in the future.
If a legal document is being sent by courier, with tracking you can help ensure that it is delivered on-time and untampered. And items like medical supplies, which are sometimes vulnerable to being stolen, may also be tracked (and insured) at every step along the way.

International Mail Tracking in Chain of Custody in International ShippingInternational Mail Tracking

But one place where the CoC is not seen often enough is in international mail tracking—and this is a tremendous opportunity for those shippers and couriers looking to offer a superior value. Customers want to know where their mail is, and they like receiving updates. Because not every product you purchase through e-commerce to be delivered to your home comes from your own country, it’s not uncommon to see the CoC end abruptly at an international border. This often leaves customers wondering what became of package or your international mail from that point.

Take for example, a woman in New York City who orders a product made by a small business in Vancouver, Canada. She is able to track its progress from Vancouver, to different checkpoints (cities) throughout Canada, until the trail runs cold in Philadelphia, US. From there, the tracking number produces no results because it has crossed an international border line and nobody is tracking it from there.

Finding the Correct Technology in Chain of Custody in International ShippingFinding the Correct Technology

By choosing a shipper that is equipped with the technology and resources to perform accurate international mail tracking, however, you are empowering both the buyer and seller to keep a closer eye on the parcel as it moves before it arrives at the designated destination.
If your company is that shipper, the one who can track and provide status on parcels across international borders—which some do, but not many—you will instill confidence and build trust as both a B2B and B2C vendor. And all you had to do was implement a track and trace system that provides chain of custody information no matter where you go—wasn’t that easy?

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