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Consolidate Parcel Delivery Data For Customer Support Teams

Consolidate Tracking Data

Improve Customer Support For Delivery Logistics

People who support logistics are continually looking for ways to make their operations more productive and reduce costs.  These initiatives, especially in this rapidly changing economic climate are essential for staying on top of the competition. The last stage of delivery is the most vulnerable to mistakes or damages that may occur due to different reasons.  In any business, a customer’s experience determines the reputation of the company, and the logistics industry is not an exception.

Improved Visibility in Tracking Improves Visibility

Increase information visibility

For etailers, retailers and logistics professionals the ability to manage multiple, disparate  data feeds from home delivery logistics partners is critical.  It is particularly important  for customer service teams to respond to inquiries by online consumers.  Without processes and tools that present status information on last mile deliveries in real-time, customer service representatives waste time and risk responding with incorrect or stale information.  Logistics operators work  with retailers, business partners, dispatch units, etc. raising the level of complexity for agents when dealing with customers. They are forced to toggle disparate systems to extract relevant information to resolve queries. Consolidating data streams not only improves customer service responsiveness and accuracy it also produces a "single-pane-of-glass" view for performance analytics and reporting.

Customer relationships

Developing quality customer relationships will increase the likelihood a customer will be a repeat customer.  Provide them with  more reasons to choose you over the competition and not only are they more likely to choose you again but will tell their friends.  Customers want fast, accurate information so they can plan their days and enjoy the convenience of dealing with an organization that has their best interests at heart.  On-line search tools, with options to receive email notifications and access to customer support staff that are knowledgeable and friendly are highly valued aspects of  industry-leading customer service organizations.


Demand for customer support is likely to fluctuate before, during and after peak periods.  As a result, the technology should be able to perform optimally regardless of business demands.  Retailers who can easily onboard multiple delivery partners without friction are much more agile and able to flexibly respond to delivery demand.   By not limiting retailers to dealing with a single or a very limited number of delivery partners they enjoy increased negotiating leverage and competition for their business.  

'Amazingly versatile tool packed with functionality. Transformed our operations for e-commerce!'​

Jason T.
Field Operations Manager

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