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Courier Software For Alternate Delivery Drop-off Networks

BlogPost Courier Software For Alternate Delivery Drop off Networks

How Shippers Can Provide Peace of Mind and Reliable Proof of Delivery Geared Towards Customer Needs

In order to improve delivery services and meet customer demands with the growing popularity of online shopping, shipping companies are using innovative services to provide peace of mind and reliable proof of delivery. The UPS Access Point and locker programs are examples of how shippers are expanding their delivery services.

UPS has a new initiative to provide physical pickup locations for deliveries across the U.S. These include local businesses and secure lockers where customers can go to pick up their packages at any time. This not only lowers the costs of delivery, but it allows UPS couriers to make more deliveries in less time. In turn, a greater volume of deliveries can be completed in a day, and without any risk of missed deliveries.

Security in Alternate Drop Off LocationSecurity

The secure UPS lockers protect packages from theft and interference. This is a must, because package security is often a worry for customers who have packages delivered when they are not home. While most couriers will leave a note saying that delivery was attempted, some will simply leave the package at the door or try and fit it in the mailbox. This increases the likelihood of theft or damage.

Secure lockers prevent theft, but they also dramatically reduce the likelihood of a package being sent to the wrong address. In turn, customers get the peace of mind they need knowing their parcel is secure. Local business pickup locations also offer this security. After all, there’s always a watchful eye on the packages and identification is always needed alongside a proof delivery signature.

Convenience in Alternate Drop Off LocationConvenience

Since customers can access the UPS lockers at any time of day or night, there are no concerns about meeting delivery times. Customers can pick up their packages at the lockers or businesses at their own convenience. This provides peace of mind and ensures proof of delivery because the package is with the right person.

Efficiency in Alternate Drop Off LocationEfficiency

Mobile tracking apps for customers to direct their shipments to specific locations add convenience and efficiency. Delivery drivers can make use of route-planning software to assist with efficient deliveries. And now that drivers can deliver many packages to one location, they are able to save time, complete more deliveries, and avoid missed deliveries.

Growing online shopping continues to place pressures on businesses and shippers to make efficient deliveries and keep customers satisfied. By introducing innovative services, such as UPS Access Points, secure lockers, and mobile apps, customers will have greater peace of mind knowing that their packages are secure at all times.

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