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Here is a brief video that shows what ShipTrack can do for Canadian courier companies. A little further down the page you will also find a testimonial video from one of our Canadian customers.


 If you are a Canadian courier company looking for a software to run your operations, you're probably struggling to figure out where to start and which features to look for. With the amount of information being offering on the internet, it is difficult at times to decide what will work best for your company, especially in the long run. Within such a competitive industry, here are some key points to keep in mind as you search for the perfect solution for your company:

1. References are key References in Canadian Courier Software

Don't be shy to ask potential software providers for live references or reference letters. Software lives and dies thanks to the team that supports it, so it never hurts to make sure your software is backed up by an experienced and competent team. Knowing who works behind your desired software creates a strong line of communication between both parties, which provides more clarity moving forward.

2. Know which features are essential Essential Features in Canadian Courier Software

Comparing software isn't always an oranges to oranges comparison. As a courier company, you probably have a variety of clients with different sets of expectations for different reasons. With that being said, you need to be prepared to offer features that benefit the needs of several different clients. *One of the reasons many clients appreciate running their operations on the ShipTrack platform is because of the configurable rule-based workflows. These workflows allow Canadian courier companies to service their clients through a wide variety of service type.

3. Understand the software's MSA Software MSA's in Canadian Courier Software

When signing up for a software it's very important to understand the MSA (Master Services Agreement). The MSA is a contract between 2 parties agreeing to most of the terms that will run future agreements and for this to work, each party must hold up their end of the bargain. Its goal is to allow future contract agreements to run smoothly and if the agreement isn’t clear to both parties, this will create a problem between the courier and the software company.

Here's a customer testimonial from a Canadian ShipTrack customer:


Which Features to Look for and why?

When looking for the right software you want to make sure that you have the right features that will benefit your company and add to its success, not reduce it. Below, you can find 5 key features that you would not only want, but need, your software to provide for it to work to the best of its ability with your company.

Digital Proof of Delivery in Canadian Courier SoftwareDIGITAL PROOF OF DELIVERY

Digital proof of delivery is an essential feature for all courier software’s today. Having this feature reduces paper use, provides automation (Ex: once the customer has signed the POD, that information is collected and sent directly to the company) and saves you time by no longer having to scan an abundance of documents. Lastly, by incorporating proof of delivery you eliminate the risk of lost, damaged or stolen documents. This results in less issues for your company down the line and you encourage the idea of going paperless, which is not only beneficial to avoid errors, but it is also eco-friendly.

Cloud Based Systems in Canadian Courier SoftwareCLOUD BASED SYSTEMS

Not only is being cloud based cost effective but it is also quite simple to incorporate. Through the 4 key elements of being cloud based, it is a no brainer as to why so many companies have transitioned to this option over time. 1) To begin, you reduce IT costs by no longer needing to hire experts and no longer needing these experts to come in and complete system upgrades on site regularly. 2) Secondly, you become more flexible. By quickly being able to adjust to operation and storage needs based on what you see on the cloud, you are able to adjust to anything that is happening throughout the supply chain. 3) You also reduce the risk of losing everything “on file”. If there was a power outage or all your documents went missing, you can ensure they will automatically be saved through the cloud in a secure location. 4) Lastly, by being on the cloud employees are always able to access information. Whether on the go, out of the country, or on the road, you can always connect virtually.

Real Time Notifications in Canadian Courier SoftwareREAL TIME NOTIFICATIONS

By having access to real time notifications, this allows both the customer and the company to keep track of every step of the shipment from point A to point B. Being in the 21st century, having access to real time information is expected for any software to work successfully. By receiving this relevant information at all times, it makes it easier for businesses to manage their operations and eliminates blind spots throughout the process. Whether good or bad both parties will be notified of any significant information, reducing any misunderstands or miscommunication throughout the process.

Invoicing in Canadian Courier SoftwareINVOICING

By being cloud based and taking advantage of features like proof of delivery, this allows the invoicing process to be more effective as well. When thinking of all the invoices that your company provides, you must think of the quickest and most cost-effective way to complete your invoicing process. ShipTrack fortunately has a lot of success when it comes to invoicing due to the fact that we generate digital invoices. By doing so, this reduces paperwork and makes the process quicker, having a significant impact on your cash flow.

Enhanced Driver Safety in Canadian Courier SoftwareENHANCED DRIVER SAFETY

Your driver’s safety is just as important as any other feature that you want to have for your courier software. Having employees who are equally as satisfied as your customers is what creates a positive cycle throughout your company. By reducing the miles driven, having several automated features, eliminating paperwork and having more details on packages (ex: The drivers can be aware ahead of time if they are to receive a large or heavy item) the drivers end up being less tired, less stressed and less overwhelmed, creating a healthier work environment.


Shiptrack being a last mile delivery platform provides all the features needed to give customers and business’ the correct visibility and control. Although these are only a handful of features that you should look for, ShipTrack has continued to provide these and many more to maintain being one of the top software’s provided. By choosing ShipTrack as your courier software in Canada, you are able to take advantage of what we have to offer and how it will help you get one step further than your fellow competitors.  

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