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One of the most popular components for courier software solutions is the ability to “track and trace”.  Usage of track and trace solutions has taken a huge jump over the last couple years and are expected to continue to grow at an exponential rate. A fun fact is that in 2018, the track and trace solutions market generated total revenues of 1.73 billion USD with an expected growth of 6 billion by 2027. With this significant growth over the next few years, it is clear that the industry is continuing to expand, and it is up to you to find the best software for your courier in the United States. ShipTrack is a cloud-based track and trace platform that was created to help you gain complete control and visibility over all your shipments whether just in the United States or across the globe. As simple as this sounds, there is a lot more to the software than just being able to know where your package is at all times. Of course, that’s one of its most beneficial features, but there are many more that will make you want to jump on board and never look back.

Some of ShipTrack’s features include the following:

Electronic Proof of Delivery in Courier Software for the United States Electronic Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is crucial in the shipping industry to ensure that your customer received their package in good shape and on time. Of course, you are probably aware of the more traditional way of doing this which is having a hard copy of the proof of delivery and waybill, but this not only slows down the process but also leaves lots of room for error. By providing your proof of delivery electronically, you can replace the costly, paper-based system and provide an immediate electronic form which then allows you to invoice immediately (reducing the wait time of receiving the document back at the office and waiting for the payment). Additionally, the best part of using electronic POD is the ability to eliminate lost, damaged or stolen documents which definitely reduces issues for your company down the line.

It is Cloud Based in Courier Software for the United States

It is Cloud Based

Now a days, being cloud based is pretty much expected, and it is no surprise why because it lowers your costs, saves on time and is very convenient. In addition, most people don’t want to have to deal with IT, an abundance of documents or paying ridiculous amounts to make sure you can keep up with your load. When discussing cloud-based computing, for some it may cause concerns when thinking of how long it would take to integrate. Luckily, when implementing ShipTrack it is extremely simple to adapt to the technology you already have. Furthermore, working with a cloud-based system allows you to store all your data in a safe location that is accessible 24/7.

Go Green in Courier Software for the United States Go Green

Whether you are a small company or an entire enterprise, when it comes to shipping packages, there is a lot of paperwork that goes into it. With this much paperwork, comes a lot of responsibility to keep track of all of it and know who exactly had a certain document last. Also, if you are looking for a certain document, why would you want to dig through thousands of papers when you could easily get on the ShipTrack app and find what you’re looking for?

When reducing paper, you are also able to do the following:
  • Provide electronic invoicing
  • Eliminate hardcopy storage
  • Reduce vehicle clutter
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Eliminate paper management costs
In terms of looking at the negative financial effects of using paper, the average business spends:
  • $20 on labour to file each document
  • $120 searching for every misfiled document
  • $250 recreating each lost document
  • $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet

Route Optimization in Courier Software for the United States

Route Optimization

It’s safe to say that we have all been in a situation where we have wanted to get to a certain destination as quickly as possible but there are many obstacles getting in the way of that. Now imagine being a delivery driver and having multiple routes to complete throughout the day, while also trying to overcome all these obstacles AND making sure both your boss and customer is happy with your performance. Sounds stressful right? Luckily, with route optimization reaching these expectations is made easy and as stress free as possible. Route optimization takes analytics and algorithms to find the best route possible based on traffic, distances, intersections and which driver in your fleet is closest to the end destination. By doing this as efficiently as possible, you are able to reduce expenses, especially when it comes to fuel costs. Through route optimization, you eliminate wasting fuel on highly congested routes and you also eliminate someone needing to enter each route and job manually, allowing it to be the most cost-effective method. Lastly, route optimization is equally as important to your customers because of how high their expectations are now a days and it is essential to be able to provide quick, efficient delivery services to your customers so that they continue to be loyal.

Real Time Notifications in Courier Software for the United States Real Time Notifications

Real time notifications keep your company and your consumers in the loop from the beginning of the shipment until the very end. These notifications help companies manage their operations more effectively, while consumers stayed informed if their package is delivered, if it will be late and everything in between, making sure there are no blind spots. For retailers, this also informs them of when items are being created/packaged or shipped ensuring full time supply chain visibility throughout the entire shipping process. Furthermore, for more serious cases, such as ShipTrack being used for medical purposes, if there is a patient in dire need of a blood transplant, through real time updates the hospital can rely on the notifications to know when the blood is coming and if there are any issues along the way.


Now of course these features sound nice and exciting, but what’s so great about a feature if it can’t do anything for you in the long run? Below, you will find many benefits that ShipTrack can provide to you, whether you are a small, mid-size, or large company. With our application, you can reduce or even eliminate:

  1. Paper invoices
  2. Hardcopy storage
  3. Back office data entry
  4. Records inaccuracy
  5. Paperwork (time)
  6. Vehicle clutter and extra weight carried
  7. Carbon footprint


A real ShipTrack user, that makes 1.2 million shipments annually with simply 3 pieces of paper per shipment, saw the following benefits once they jumped on board with us:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • $48,000 paper cost saving
  • 50% faster invoicing
  • 31% reduction in order processing
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear

When implementing a track and trace solution consider how it's an investment toward achieving long term success and not just a purchase.

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