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Delivering Experiences with Parcel Tracking

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Logistics and Postal Tracking Platforms Create Opportunities to Drive Customer Engagement

There is an undeniable ongoing discussion about how home delivery, parcel tracking, and ecommerce are transforming retail. The possibilities are absolutely endless when you can provide customers with products from every corner of the globe (and use the technology of postal tracking to deliver it to them efficiently). But there is another angle to consider if you’re going to run a successful ecommerce and home delivery enterprise.

Evolution of Buying Experience in Delivering Experiences with Parcel TrackingEvolution of Buying Experience

With the changing landscape of retail, so too changes the buying experience. From the street markets of ancient city-states to the modern department store, chain retail shop, and novelty boutique, the customer experience has consistently grown and evolved. This is because creating customer loyalty and driving sales can be traced back to a favorable customer experience—a person who had a positive experience with your brand will shop with it again, even if they can get the same or a comparable product elsewhere. They will also recommend you to their friends and family, and word of mouth still has the power to grow a business, even in the internet age. And smart retailers have been sure to control this growth as much as possible to make it a profitable one. To continue to cater to a quality experience for customers, retailers need to consider the digital storefront, replacing the traditional point-of-sale with the checkout and delivery options, and exceptional hands-on service with reliable home delivery and postal tracking.

3PL Delivery Services in Delivering Experiences with Parcel Tracking3PL Delivery Services

Using logistics and parcel tracking platforms—or third party delivery services that employ such platforms—is one part of the equation for exceptional at-home customer service. By optimizing routes (load sequencing, route planning and consolidating) to reduce what home delivery costs for you, the retailer, you are able to offer cheaper shipping to your customers. In some instances, you are even able to offer free shipping. Offering your customer a quick turnaround that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg goes a long way toward winning over repeat customers and building a positive reputation for your business.

Improving Customer Experience in Delivering Experiences with Parcel TrackingImproving Customer Experience

To collect metrics on how well the deployment of a smart logistics platform is performing for your business, don’t neglect the customer survey. This is popularly performed in the form of an email that is sent out after delivery confirmation. Customers who have had a good experience are more likely not only to take the time to fill out the survey, but to express what they liked about it. It’s also a good forum for concerns to be raised as well, allowing you to improve and further optimize your service by getting detailed feedback on where it was lacking. Did the parcel tracking feature work properly and give a realistic expectation of delivery? Were products delivered within the promised window? This is your opportunity to improve that customer experience.

With logistics and postal tracking platforms, you have the power to drive a great ecommerce experience.

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