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Finding the right delivery management software can be a lengthy process. Ideally, you want an advanced software that has all the features necessary to increase performance and one that makes your job easier, but with this many software’s available how do you know what’s best? Furthermore, when looking for the best software, you need one that improves operations, increases profits and makes it easy to manage your team and customers. But you also don’t want a software that is overly complex or time consuming to integrate. ShipTrack, a cloud-based delivery management software, is a revolutionary track and trace solution providing your company with full time visibility for all your shipments and all of the delivery management tools. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, ShipTrack ensures that all retailers are able to provide their customers with complete visibility, control and ease of use through our delivery management software.


Before jumping straight into all the features and benefits of ShipTrack lets simply look at some numbers that have been recorded from implementing our software:

  • 93% reduction in time to process paper
  • 31% increase in efficiency of order processing & distribution
  • $156,000 saved by bringing your own devices (amount saved for only 50 BYOD)
  • Eliminate 50% of professionals who waste time looking for paperwork
  • Up to $3.19 saved per shipment on invoicing
Now for the benefits...

Invoicing Quicker in Delivery Management SoftwareInvoicing Quicker

Invoicing can be one of the most time consuming and costly parts of the shipment process. By speeding up the process, there will be a significant decrease on your account’s receivables and a significant increase in your cash flow. By offering invoicing right at the point of delivery, eliminating paperwork and providing electronic proof of delivery, you can save between .31$ to 3.19$ per shipment, which adds up if you are making thousands of deliveries.

Driver Safety in Delivery Management SoftwareDriver Safety

Making sure employees are happy is just as important as making sure your customers are. Also, a happy employee has a huge impact on the success of your company, the turnover rate and the overall efficiency at which employees work. When implementing a delivery management software, you reduce miles driven, reduce driver fatigue, track driver’s activity and reduce stress. In addition, as a driver you are more likely to come across unsafe conditions on the road. Whether it is a roadblock, traffic or poor weather conditions, through Shiptrack you can keep track of your drivers and keep in contact with them to see if they are facing any issues throughout deliveries.

Fast & Easy in Delivery Management SoftwareFast & Easy

Choosing the right system is a job in itself, so you want to at least ensure that when you do make a choice, that implementing it will be smooth sailing. Fortunately, the proper delivery management software will allow for a quick, easy, stress free process. With ShipTrack you can count on the follow benefits when it comes to the implementation process:

  • Same-Day Setup
  • Management & Reporting Tools
  • Support Apple/Android/Windows Smartphones
  • Supports Rugged Mobile Computers From Top Manufacturers

Signature Capture in Delivery Management SoftwareSignature Capture

Signature capture has quickly replaced the traditional way of signing off for documents or packages over the last decade. Incorporating signature capture eliminates 3 steps: printing a document, getting it signed, then storing it. And with each of these steps comes many costs and essentially “wasted resources”. Signature capture is another great way to eliminate paper use and the possibility of lost documents. By drivers having a signature capture device, here are some of the following benefits:

  1. Cut costs of paper receipts Printing paper everyday becomes quite costly, especially when having to store all these receipts. Fortunately, signature capture can eliminate up to 75% of these costs.
  2.  Become more environmentally friendly Eliminating paper receipts reduces the amount of resources used and also reduces your carbon footprint. As expected, you also reduce the amount of paper needed and trees cut down for the process.
  3. Create an email marketing list Once you receive the customers information, you can add them to an email list and keep them up to date on promotions and new products, helping increase your customers sales and building a solid relationship with them.
  4. Reduce fraud Signature capture also helps reduce misplaced products and reduces fraud because the system can track every part of the delivery process. With this being said, if the delivery driver attempted to deliver the package and failed, he/she can sign off that they tried, and the customer will be notified.

Dispatching Capabilities in Delivery Management Software

Dispatching Capabilities

Your delivery management software should be your key resource to making things easier. No matter the industry you are in, you want to be able to assign tasks based on what resources are available, the location of the package and the location of the driver. With ShipTrack, you are provided with automated dispatching, meaning as jobs come, they will automatically be assigned to their drivers routes based on where they are. If you do not have a good dispatching system, you will have multiple drivers waiting to make deliveries, drivers making deliveries that aren’t even near their current destination and drivers who having taken on too many deliveries for t their given time frame. An effective delivery management software is the best way to connect all parts of your puzzle. From your drivers, to your employees, right to your customers it allows for complete clarity and eliminates many errors that are made without it. ShipTrack benefits companies of all sizes and through an easy to use interface it ensures to improve communications, streamline operations and improve customer service.


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