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Delivery Software Mitigates Environmental Impact of Delivery Fleets

BlogPost delivery software mitigates environmental impact of delivery fleets

An analysis by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed that emissions resulting from last mile delivery vehicles are increasing at a rate of more than 30% by 2030 in the top 100 cities globally. In a recent article by Helen Norman for Parcel and Postal Technology International she wrote: "Without intervention, emissions could reach 25 million tons of CO2 emitted annually by 2030. Along with increased carbon emissions, traffic congestion is expected to rise by over 21%, the equivalent of adding 11 minutes to each passenger’s daily commute." Cloud Logistics Infrastructure Demand for last mile delivery services being driven by an explosion in ecommerce, so as a result, delivery firms are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to help mitigate environmental impacts of fleets of delivery vehicles. Cloud software systems are housed in large energy efficient data centers that share resources and so are more reliable and cost effective. Cloud hosted solutions such as ShipTrack benefit the environment by:

  1. Reduced energy use
  2. Decreased greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  3. Dematerialization
  4. Data center efficiency
  5. Shift to renewable energy sources

  Cloud-based software that helps automate the management and operation of fleets of delivery vehicles.  It also includes features that minimize negative environmental impacts such as:

Route Optimization

This is the capability of logistics software to select the fastest and most efficient routes for drivers to complete deliveries. This benefits logistics companies by improving operational efficiency but, environmentally-speaking, it minimizes fuel costs and number of miles driven.  Consumers benefit as well, as their shipments are delivered faster.

Intelligent Dispatch

Dispatchers have access to graphical, at-a-glance views of  delivery fleets, their locations as well as availability.  When incoming jobs arrive the dispatcher can assign them to the best vehicle in closest proximity, thereby minimizing fuel used, miles driven and emissions.

Paperless Environmental Impact (Case Study)

The cost and environmental impact of paper within the logistics industry is surprisingly significant.  Click on the infographic below to learn how a 100-vehicle delivery firm is using ShipTrack to enable paperless operations.



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