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Empower Contractors with Track My Package Apps

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How "Track My Package" Apps Boost The Bottom Line

In the delivery business, getting packages to your customers on-time while making a profit is one of the main key performance indicators. The industry operates on two types of general delivery personal:
1) There are full-time staff who often track packages with company provided equipment
2) There are independent contractors who also use company equipment or basic GPS systems

While in both cases the delivery service is usually the same, the costs to the delivery company can vary depending on various factors in the market. In geographical areas where full-time labor comes at a premium, whether it is due to a high cost of living, taxes, or other factors (remote areas), independent contractors can often be the dependable choice. However, equipping such contractors with traditional hardware-based tracking solutions is often prohibitive and expensive. And even when equipped, the customers are often left with either a phone call to a dispatcher to see the status of their delivery or e-mail support. On top of the hardware, most firms specialized in the tracking business have expensive service contracts which make their "Track My Package" application solutions take a chunk out of your bottom line. Luckily, a software solution like the ShipTrack App, makes things far less expensive without the need for any additional hardware.

Contractor-Ready in Empower Contractors with Track My Package AppsContractor-Ready

Contractors are virtually all using smartphones in this day and age and as professionals, they want to offer the best service. However, their jobs often rely on on-time pickups, traffic free streets, and patient customers. But these days, customers demand tracking and want to know where their packages are.

The solution is a smartphone app which is installed on the device of choice which is then centrally managed without the need of servers or any additional hardware. That's right. The Track My Package App can be installed on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices and the system allows customer to perform a "Track My Package" operation while at home or in their office, while the driver is actually able to provide real time notifications and fully electronic (paperless) transactions.

Forget worrying about maintaining another piece of software on your business computers. The ShipTrack App works on our own servers. And there are no expensive monthly contracts that could affect your bottom line, Simply pay only for what you use. Contractors are free to choose their own favorite smartphone hardware, while the delivery company can manage their device login from home office.

Improve Efficiency in Empower Contractors with Track My Package AppsImprove Efficiency

ShipTrack being multiple dimensional does more than just send updates to customers on the progress of their package. It can also help a driver plan out the most efficient way to deliver a day’s packages, meaning that your contractors will do an efficient job, every time. Our track my package app can decide on delivery routes which are chosen by package proximity to each. This does more than just create additional efficiency; it also saves your contractors on fuel costs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction in Empower Contractors with Track My Package AppsIncrease Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that when you order something online, you like to see where it is. Your clients feel the same way—it helps reassure them that their item is on its way, and it lets them ensure that someone is home to receive it. Therefore, a powerful app that feeds up-to-date GPS information to a customer portal is indispensable in the modern-day delivery industry.
When your customers click on “track my package” you want to deliver confidence in your brand while you simultaneously deliver results. Installing the ShipTrack track and trace mobile app is the first step to help your independent contractors and your bottom line.

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