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Infographic: Environmental Benefits of Cloud Logistics

BlogPost environmental benefits of cloud logistics

Paper Versus Digital Workflows

Cloud-based logistics software virtually eliminates any requirement for paper to support logistics operations.  The easiest way to appreciate just how much paper is used to support delivery logistics consider the impact of multi-part forms.  

Receiving deliveries involves the receiver to sign a form confirming that delivery has occurred.  One copy of the delivery receipt is retained by the carrier, one is routed to accounts receivable for payment processing and the third is kept by the receiver. 

The positive environmental impact of eliminating, just those three pieces of paper, as seen in the real-life example presented here, is substantial.

Cloud based software, according to one study, cuts energy use by 87% compared to premised-based software. 

Manual Versus Automated Processes

Logistics software digitally transforms logistics processes and, environmentally-speaking, the benefits can be far-reaching.  By using technology to determine the best routes for drivers to use to reach their destinations, delivery vehicles use less fuel and operate more efficiently.

More efficient use of fleets of delivery vehicles also reduces waste products associated with vehicle maintenance like engine oil and other pollutants such as transmission fluid and exhaust fumes.

The effort and supplies needed to create printed reports are replaced by digital dashboards that are electronically share-able, securely stored and accessible by any team member with the permission to do so.

Real-time Networked Operations

When drivers are connected to dispatchers in real-time, using GPS and wireless communications, they can be instantly responsive to customers while directing the pickups and deliveries in the most fuel-efficient manner. 

Signature capture and GPS tracking eliminate the need for paper documentation altogether and converts manual, costly and error prone paperwork to real-time, digital data.

Drivers don't have stop to call in for their next pickup as automated turn by turn directions sent directly to their smartphones provides the most efficient route to use.

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