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2016 Summit on Security in the Supply Chain

Supply chain security is a critical issue in numerous industries. In food and pharmaceuticals, it can mean the difference between life and death. In electronics it can mean millions of profits lost to grey markets. In automotive assembly and parts, it can mean costly recalls and unsafe products.

Human error and malfeasance can undermine the security of a supply chain in various ways. Ignorance and neglect causes defects. Disgruntled employees sabotage, attention-seekers vandalise. Criminals sell counterfeit, companies insert “backdoors” in embedded software. With increasing globalization supply chains will only become more complex; security means safety for consumers and profits for companies. As a trading nation, Canada has much at stake.

How can technology improve supply chain security? Printed electronics, photonic sensing, materials science, nanomaterials, high resolution imaging, diagnostics and big data analytics – all these are technologies that could play a role. They are also technologies in which the NRC excels. Should we become more active in spurring innovation? What does Canadian industry need from us?

Please join us for a one day executive summit to share your ideas and learn from leading practitioners.


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