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How Chain of Custody and Courier Tracking Are Saving the Last Mile

BlogPost how chain of custody and courier tracking are saving the last mile

Know Where Your Package Is in Real-Time and Trust the Chain of Custody

Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday has flown by, and Christmas is looming it’s large commercial head around the corner; today our world is inundated by customer-driven holidays, and with them, the opportunity to see just how effective shipping directly to your home is. This is where phrases such as “chain of custody” and “courier tracking” transform from concepts to real-time luxuries we can get accustomed to today.

A chain of custody is essentially the management and due diligence behind every item you order getting from point A (the processing plant) to point D (your home), and everywhere in between. The importance of Chain of custody ensures each package is present and accounted for at each checkpoint it passes through. While the chain of custody may not be of utmost-importance for your latest gadget arriving safely at your doorstep, it is paramount when attempting to establish the whereabouts and integrity of shipments of a certain pedigree (e.g. organ deliveries or water sampling). Chain of custody comes part and parcel with courier tracking, in that courier tracking is more of the operational tracking from courier to address, on a day-to-day basis.

While chain of custody is more of an over-arching concept, courier tracking is what most companies use on a daily basis when trying to deliver a package that “last mile.” The last mile of a package is getting from the confirmation of an online order to stepping out onto your porch and signing for the wonderful item you ordered. Courier tracking within this last mile is what the average person will check up on frequently (or more often, depending how hotly anticipated this item is), and is what they depend on to make sure everything is going smoothly with their delivery. Courier tracking can include such features as regular in-transit scans, detailed records (and sometimes photographs) of every hand-off along the way, signature capture, and electronic proof of delivery. All of these features ensure that you can safely track your item from processing to doorstep from the comfort of your home.

With the popularity of sites like Amazon and eBay ever increasing, it is becoming exponentially more important to ensure your items are being delivered with care every step of the way. By ensuring the chain of custody is never broken, through operational features in courier tracking, the majority of customers can rest assured that they are being taken care of. So don’t spend your Christmas shopping cramped up in a hectic mall, especially when you can just relax and do your shopping online. With the knowledge that your purchases will make it to you safely, you’ll have a much happier time shopping!

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