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How Route Optimization Benefits Your Business

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We’ve all heard the buzz about route optimization, but what does it mean in a courier delivery context, and why should a courier use it?  ShipTrack offers route optimization to assist logistics organizations in meeting consignee demands for quicker, more accurate deliveries.  It also streamlines processes, reduces fuel costs and improves overall efficiency.  Route optimization is a significant contributor to the success of any shipping organization.


Route optimization uses analytics and computer algorithms to identify the most efficient delivery route possible based on such variables:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Distance
  • Turns and intersections
  • Closest drivers

Once a route is determined, the fleet manager is able to assign routes automatically.

Cut Costs in How Route Optimization Benefits your Business


Managing fuel costs is a major benefit of route optimization.  Fuel costs are continually rising, so optimizing routes is a key way to reduce expenses. Instead of wasting fuel on congested traffic routes or back tracking for job orders, route optimization will display the most cost-efficient path to each job and prioritize routes to the closest drivers. By using automation and computer data, job and route dispatching is done for you rather than having someone manually relay jobs to each driver and planning out routes by hand. This reduces administrative overhead and allows employees to focus on other higher priority tasks.

Save Time in How Route Optimization Benefits your Business


Route optimization saves time and resources. Route optimization improves overall fleet productivity by allowing jobs to be completed more quickly. Drivers deliver shipments logically and in a timely manner without having to ever backtrack from job to job. These technologies are necessary for same day delivery services. Efficient deliveries not only make for happier drivers, but for satisfied customers as well.

Customer Service in How Route Optimization Benefits your Business


Consumer expectations have never been higher. When selecting a logistics delivery partner, the ability to provide quick and efficient delivery services is critical. Retailers that do not offer expedited shipping options will often experience abandoned shopping carts and reduced revenues. Route optimization will allow an organization to respond to increasing shopper demands, improve service levels and build a competitive advantage.

Route optimization is a feature that should be highly regarded and sought after. This feature will bring your shipping expectations to a new high, and ultimately save your business money, as well as go above and beyond your consumer expectations. ShipTrack offers route optimization as an additional feature for users and gives employers the option to take their business to the next level with shipping features.

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