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Last Mile Delivery For Automotive Parts

BlogPost last mile delivery for automotive parts

Service technicians and repair professionals see predictable automotive parts deliveries as critical to servicing customers while minimizing downtime.

Automotive parts supply chains require flexible, responsive delivery services so that parts get to where they’re needed on time – every time.

ShipTrack is the world’s most comprehensive delivery management and visibility platform that helps automotive parts suppliers accomplish four key objectives.

Accuracy & Speed for Last Mile for Automotive Parts

Accuracy & Speed

To automate and distribute delivery orders to the correct driver, with the right parts, at the right time. Integrated with online ordering systems, ShipTrack ingests delivery orders and can automatically route them to the correct delivery route and driver. This eliminates manual processes, speeds up order allocation and as a result, drivers can deliver more orders faster. One ShipTrack customer was able to process orders 25% faster which resulted in more same day deliveries.


Visibility for Last Mile for Automotive Parts


To provide GPS visibility of parts deliveries with arrival ETA’s and electronic transactional data and signature capture. Knowing when a delivery is going to arrive improves resource management and staff productivity. Vendors know exactly when they can invoice for parts deliveries with electronic proofs of delivery, which include time stamps and receivers’ signatures. Paperless transactions mean all data is captured and stored instantly, for quick and easy access. Furthermore, eliminating paper is environmentally friendly and economical. A study performed by one ShipTrack carrier that was performing one million deliveries annually revealed a savings of $48,000.00 in paper savings as well as saving 480 trees.

Stakeholders Communication for Last Mile for Automotive Parts

Stakeholder Communications

To establish a network to share relevant data in real-time with suppliers, vendors, logistics organizations and customers. ShipTrack connects manufacturers, distributors, vendors and customers with its flexible, adaptable design. This means that customers don’t have to change workflows in order to leverage ShipTrack’s power. Information is transparently available to anyone involved in ensuring customer satisfaction, even with customers themselves so they can better manage their schedules. Driver’s provide event updates using a powerful, easy-to-use, free mobile app for any smartphone. Our user-friendly platform allows quick learning of the mobile app, one driver stating it took no longer than 10 minutes to learn how to use the app.

Automation for Last Mile for Automotive Parts


To enhance operations with productivity-enhancement tools and analytics to measure and monitor overall performance. Drivers leverage barcode scanning, turn-by-turn directions, route optimization, graphical screens and many other features to quickly and easily manage deliveries. Dispatchers can leverage Smart Dispatch algorithms to easily and, if desired, automatically assign drivers to jobs. Consignees can set up automatic delivery notifications and as well as track deliveries and ETA’s. Owners can print reports on virtually any data point captured by ShipTrack. As a cloud-based system all data is stored, secured and back up.






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