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Leveraging Last Mile Delivery to Surpass Expectations

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With growing ecommerce competition, businesses are keeping customers by offering services that differentiate in today’s market

To gain a competitive edge in the retail business, some online retailers are offering white-glove delivery services. By going above and beyond to please customers during the last mile of delivery they leave a lasting impressions and customers may be more inclined to continue shopping with the same retailers.

More retailers are realizing the importance of the last-mile delivery services for maintaining customer loyalty. Whether the products are delivered in unique packages or the delivery driver installs a new sound system, excellent customer experiences in the last mile make for lasting impressions. An article on delivery fleets keeping up with the growing demands of ecommerce deliveries discusses the importance of the last-mile services, including white-glove deliveries and providing fast and efficient deliveries with the use of dependable delivery software. Features that improve last-mile delivery include:

Route Optimization in Leveraging Last Mile Delivery to Surpass ExpectationsRoute Optimization

Route-planning software is necessary for delivery fleets to meet customer demands and reduce delivery costs. Furniture-delivering countries across the globe are relying on delivery route optimization apps to provide fast and efficient services. Route optimization software groups delivery orders into geographical zones to provide drivers with the fastest routes possible while reducing time spent driving back and forth. These routes save time and cut delivery costs, and they are also based on factors such as:

  • Company routing preferences
  • Number of items
  • Weight and height of freight
  • Delivery constraints

These delivery routes can also easily be altered to account for changes with drivers and deliveries. By speeding up delivery times, making more deliveries in a day, and having an efficient delivery system in place, this delivery software gives companies a competitive edge in the ecommerce market.

Visibility in Leveraging Last Mile Delivery to Surpass ExpectationsVisibility

Visibility of deliveries is another last-mile delivery service that pleases customers and ensures accurate deliveries. Delivery software provides real-time delivery status by connecting the customer and the delivery driver. Customers can check the status with an online app that is connected to the app on the delivery driver’s phone. This visibility improves overall operations as well, because each party involved—customers, retailers, delivery drivers, and operations teams—are connected.

Proof of Delivery in Leveraging Last Mile Delivery to Surpass ExpectationsProof of Delivery

In the last mile of delivery, proof of delivery is crucial for both companies and customers. A record of a successful delivery not only assures retailers that their products made it to the right address, but it also improves accountability for delivery drivers and provides a full record of the chain of custody.

Delivery apps can collect an electronic proof of delivery by having customers sign on the delivery driver’s phone or tablet. Drivers can also scan and take images of the shipments throughout the delivery to keep an accurate electronic record and ensure the packages are accounted for. Drivers, customers, retailers, and shipping companies have access to this record for reference. And some companies are even sending customers optional feedback surveys with their proof of delivery e-mails to gain customer insight on their products and services.

Delivery fleets are adopting this route-planning, tracking, and proof-of-delivery technology to meet customer demands. These apps allow for fast and efficient deliveries, keeping track of shipments each step of the way. They provide customers excellent services that will make positive, lasting impressions.

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