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Logistics Platforms in Parcel Tracking

BlogPost Logistics Platforms in Parcel Tracking

Tracking Packages and Delivering Results

Tracking packages effectively requires more than just the right software applications. There needs to be an efficient logistics platform behind it. Logistics refers to the management of goods all the way from production to consumption, including manufacturing or acquisition, packaging, transport, storage, distribution, security, and inventory. A logistics platform can be seen as a central hub, often in the form of a physical location, wherein all the logistic functions can be carried out and kept track of.

More Than a Warehouse in Logistics Platforms in Parcel TrackingMore than a Warehouse

A warehouse is essential to any operation where goods are being stored or transported. Your parcel tracking app begins following an item from the moment it leaves the warehouse and ends when it reaches its destination, whether that is a store in your distribution chain, a customer’s house, or a post office box. Not every warehouse is a logistics platform, but many such platforms are housed within warehouses. This is usually the most efficient way to implement your platform: from a single centralized location, you can oversee the entire thing. You are counting inventory, planning transportation and distribution, and either overseeing manufacturing of new inventory or ordering new stock from your own supplier from one spot, keeping your total operating cost lower overall.

Added Value in Logistics Platforms in Parcel TrackingAdded Value

The value of implementing software for tracking packages—both by yourself and by your clients—is it improves efficiency, builds trust, and gives you accountability. These are all great value propositions, to be certain, but they only work if you have the infrastructure to deliver on them. You don’t want your customer to open their parcel tracking app only to see how their package hasn’t even shipped yet—especially when they’ve already placed their order several days ago!

Importance of Logistics Platforms in Logistics Platforms in Parcel Tracking (1)The Importance of Logistics Platforms

Unfortunately, situations where a supplier or retailer does not have a well-organized logistics platform that allows them to operate efficiently, you will see long delays between placed orders and shipping those orders. An order goes out—but perhaps they neglected to inform you that the product was out of stock until after you’ve already ordered it (a huge no-no in the eCommerce age), or they’ve run into another roadblock from a disorganized or decentralized system. Even if your company manages to avoid such a pitfall, you can deliver quicker results more efficiently with a solid, functional, and well-thought-out logistics platform that streamlines your operation.

If you’re thinking of implementing package tracking into your business strategy, first make sure that your business can deliver results that impress—in this day and age, convenience is important, but measurable results are vital.

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