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Mailroom Techniques to Reduce Lost Packages

ShipTrack BlogPost mailroom techniques to reduce lost packages

A lot of time and effort is spent sorting mail and packages in mailrooms. Too often, a simple mistake or oversight can result in lost packages. Missing or lost packages can be costly for mailrooms if they have to compensate the recipient. It can be devastating for recipients who need a package to arrive on time. However, mailrooms can avoid the costs and problems of losing mail, while streamlining mail processing with postal tracking software.

This software is especially useful for mailrooms in large institutions—such as university campuses who sort through hundreds of letters and packages each day for students, faculty, and staff. Mail recipients can also avoid the stress of lost or delayed packages by using postal tracking software to keep an eye on the location of their packages.

Real-Time Paperless Data in Mailroom Techniques to Reduce Lost PackagesREAL-TIME PAPERLESS DATA

Postal tracking systems streamline the data entry and sorting process in mailrooms. Once a package arrives, it is scanned and its data is instantly updated in the system. The recipient will then be notified that their package has arrived.

This real-time paperless system avoids confusion and lost information, and provides complete visibility on the location of packages. Recipients can also be notified of the estimated time of delivery, so they will know when to expect their package and plan accordingly.

Chain of Custody & Proof of Delivery in Mailroom Techniques to Reduce Lost PackagesCHAIN OF CUSTODY & PROOF OF DELIVERY

A reliable postal tracking system will also prevent packages from being lost. Since the chain of custody is constantly updated in the system with delivery drivers and mailroom staff scanning packages, there is visibility and accountability for the last known location of the package. This eliminates many errors in the process and also helps it work more efficiently. With this software, delivery drivers and mailroom personnel also require electronic proof of delivery signatures.

How it Works in Mailroom Techniques to Reduce Lost PackagesHOW IT WORKS

These signatures are instantly updated in the system. The last person who signed for the package is responsible for the package. In the event that a package goes missing, the proof of delivery and chain of custody will help find the package. And if it is, then whoever is responsible in the chain of custody can reimburse the package recipient.

Although mailrooms do not usually lose packages, when they do, it can create serious consequences and also costs. Postal tracking software can simplify and streamline mail processing in mailrooms. It can also reduce the stress and cost of lost packages—especially those that are time-critical. And for those waiting to receive an important package, they can track their packages and have peace of mind knowing when to expect their deliveries.


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