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Drone Delivery is Made Possible With Fog Computing

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Fog technology will help to ensure safe and secure drone deliveries, making drone delivery possible sooner than we imagined.

The future of drone package delivery is here thanks to new technology such as fog computing. Soon, consumers will be able to track packages that are being delivered to them via drones flying through the sky.

But what exactly is fog?

Fog computing is an extension of the cloud. More specifically, it is a form of computing infrastructure that is not centralized and connects data sources with the cloud. Data, applications, and storage can be distributed efficiently and logically from a data source through the fog right to the cloud. In the case of drone package delivery, the data source would be the drone controller; that data would travel through the fog, and connect to the fog nodes on the drone. Fog computing extends the cloud to the edge of the network - bringing the power of the cloud closer to where the data is being created. This efficient connection solves many current limitations in computing infrastructures.

With the efficient connectivity of fog computing, drone package deliveries will be secure, safe, and successful. Fog computing can help with drone deliveries in the following ways:

Manage Drone Hubs in Drone Delivery is Made Possible With Fog ComputingManage Drone Hubs

Drone hubs will be needed to coordinate and control drone flights (like airport controllers). Seeing as these are necessary, it is also necessary for them to be managed correctly. Fog computing controllers on the ground will help coordinate and control drone traffic and activities for drones on the ground and in the air.

Drone Safety & Security in Drone Delivery is Made Possible With Fog ComputingDrone Safety & Security 

The coordination and scheduling of drones with fog computing will prevent drones from colliding in the air with each other. Controllers can also quickly prevent unforeseen collisions with rerouting. Drone collisions could be very costly to replace damaged packages and drones, as well as to cover additional shipping cost. Drone safety is necessary for drone package delivery to be practical.

To prevent hackers from compromising drone security, fog computing allows for security features to be easily added and updated. These can even be updated while drones are on route. This saves companies additional costs on drones with added security features and use bandwidth to download updates.

Constant Tracking in Drone Delivery is Made Possible With Fog ComputingConstant Tracking

For successful drone package deliveries, constant tracking and communication to and from the drone is necessary. Normally, these constant data updates would require the use of satellites and be very expensive, but fog computing is a fast, efficient, and affordable solution for constant data communication between drones and controllers.

Furthermore, Fog nodes can detect the slightest changes in a drone’s environment and make automatic corrective responses to reroute drones and prevent damage. This automatic response is extremely useful for ensuring the safety of drones while they are on route.

With fog computing, drone package delivery will be possible for any destination, and reduce delivery times and costs. Drone deliveries will have less of an impact on the environment than deliveries made by airplanes and trucks. Customers will be able to track packages with the real-time data sent through the fog.

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