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Track-and-Trace Solutions for Drop Shipping

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Ecommerce without Inventory Is Possible—and Package Tracking Makes It Accountable

So lets say you want to start an ecommerce business. You want to ship high-quality products to customers across the country, and you want to offer exceptional service, package tracking solutions, and all the other add-ons that make the online buying experience so enticing for the people who use it.

But there’s one issue, you don’t have the space or resources to maintain an inventory. Fortunately for you, there is an option, it’s called drop shipping, and integrating it with a track-and-trace platform is a great way to use it to deliver amazing results. Here’s how:

What is Drop Shipping in Track-and-Trace Solutions for Drop ShippingWhat Is Drop Shipping?

Imagine the following process: A customer browses your online store, selects a product, purchases it, and you receive the order. But instead of packaging and shipping the product yourself, the manufacturer handles this portion of the transaction. The package then arrives to the consumer with a shipping label and packing slip from your business, and as far as the customers are concerned, you shipped it to them. However, this model carries both benefits and risks with it.

Benefits in Track-and-Trace Solutions for Drop ShippingBenefits

By implementing drop shipping with reliable, high-quality manufacturers, the first apparent benefit is that you can offer a wide array of products, while saving money on the infrastructure required to store and manage an inventory yourself.

It can also create a positive cash flow cycle. You will typically be paid when a product is purchased, while your payment to the supplier will be by credit card or line of credit—this means that the likelihood of a low cash flow is not very high at all.

Risks in Track-and-Trace Solutions for Drop ShippingRisks

But it’s not without its risks. Because should anything go wrong in the order, the responsibility will fall entirely on you. From carelessly-packaged goods to lengthy back orders and faulty products, you will bear the brunt of your customers’ anger. Which is why it’s important to deal with reputable, highly-professional suppliers, and why you should use a powerful track-and-trace platform to cover your bases.

Package tracking is more than just a convenient feature for your customers. It’s also a way to maximize the speed, efficiency, and quality of a delivery. In addition, it allows you to monitor the condition and progress of a package, and it brings accountability to both you and your supplier.

The best part is, you can integrate a powerful track-and-trace solution seamlessly with your drop shipping business model. This means that all the benefits of this technology are easily and consistently made available to both you as the retailer, and to your customers.


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