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Parcel Tracking and Home Delivery: A Different Point of View

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Parcel Tracking Affects Retailers and Logistics Providers Differently Than it Does Consumers

In today’s society, instant gratification is commonplace. In companies offering home delivery and post tracking, this is no exception. Customers have begun to not only expect, but to demand efficient local and international mail tracking, unafraid to take their business elsewhere if they are unsatisfied with the service options offered. Retailers and logistics providers have to pay attention to this trend.

Straight to the Point in Post Tracking and Home DeliveryStraight to the Point

The fact is, when a consumer orders a product, they’re only concerned about the efficiency of the delivery, and how much time the product takes to arrive at their doorstep. This means that technologies and processes for mail tracking are constantly evolving, changing, and improving to bring value to the consumer.

We know how customers feel about home delivery and post tracking, but how do the retailers and the logistics providers they trust view home delivery?

Survey Results in Post Tracking and Home DeliverySurvey Results

Retail Systems Research (RSR) performed a case study entitled “The State of Home Delivery – Issues and Answers for the Retail Ecosystem”, where they surveyed retailers, distributors and manufacturers to gather their opinions on home delivery.

Overall, the survey discovered that logistics providers are the only group for whom home delivery is a revenue generator. 39% of retailers believe that home delivery will always remain an expense, 44% believe it is at least paying for itself, and a significant percentage believe that there is potential for home delivery to become profitable if they make some necessary changes in processes and technologies. Most significantly, a 85% of respondents believe that their home delivery and post tracking is a competitive differentiator.

Exceeding Customer Expectations in Post Tracking and Home DeliveryExceeding Customer Expectations

This survey certainly echoes the current local and international industry landscape. Logistics providers are feeling the pressure from consumers and are experiencing rising shipping costs. With large international shipping companies setting high standards with efficient mail tracking, overnight courier or same-day delivery, and accurate delivery windows, smaller logistics providers are looking for ways to provide the same level of service. Retailers are also consistently looking for ways to exceed customer expectations when it comes to home delivery and post tracking. For both groups, a reduction in delivery time frames is a high priority.

Home delivery is a service that is of high value, and retailers know that consumers have come to expect it. They are in turn pushing logistics providers to adopt the technologies that will enable them to position themselves as reliable service providers. By adopting a mail tracking system, logistics providers can provide customers with complete visibility and control of their shipments. These systems will make deliveries more efficient, allowing retailers to manage costs and meet customers’ expectations.

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