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Postal Tracking Improves Accountability for US Election Material

ShipTrack BlogPost postal tracking improves accountability for us election material

How Postal Tracking Helped The US Postal Service Account For Election Materials Sent To Voters

Governments send large volumes of mail to citizens to prepare for elections and income tax deadlines. It is crucial that this sensitive mail delivery be to the right address. As a result, mailing lists must be constantly updated. In cases when mail cannot be delivered, postal tracking is used to record where the mail is during transportation. It can also be determined when it has arrived at the proper address in a timely manner.

When postal services return mail to senders, they should also encourage the senders to update their mailing lists.

Election Mail in Postal Tracking Improves Accountability for US Election MaterialElection Mail

The US Postal Service’s handling of election mail is a recent example of how postal tracking is essential for ensuring all mail is accounted for. Highly sensitive election material is sent using the US Postal Service; however, these services are not reserved for government use. The huge volumes of mail moving through their system makes it easy to lose track of mail, which is simply not acceptable for sensitive election information. Additionally, another struggle to US Postal Service faces is sending in-mail ballots to US citizens throughout the country and occasionally around the world. In many cases, much of this mail cannot be delivered due to incorrect addresses.

Handling Sensitive Mail in Postal Tracking Improves Accountability for US Election MaterialHandling Sensitive Mail

During the 2016 Presidential Election, the US Postal Service used postal service tracking to account for all election materials. This need for accountability originated from allegations that someone was trying to rig the US presidential election.

Voter address lists must be up to date to avoid sending this sensitive mail to the wrong person, however that is nearly impossible with the large dispersed population. Any in-mail ballots that could not be delivered must be tracked and returned to election offices. Without postal service tracking, it would not be possible to track these ballots in the same capacity. By having visibility and records of the location of these ballots, if there were any ballots sent to the incorrect address, it would be easier to track down and recover that ballot. However, without any tracking system

Why Postal Tracking is Vital in Postal Tracking Improves Accountability for US Election MaterialWhy Postal Tracking is Vital

The US Postal Service must also provide a reason for non-delivery to ensure there are no grounds for election controversies. For undelivered election materials, the US Postal Service contacts the sender to inform them of a wrong address. It will also help with updating their mailing list.

Although the mass delivery of election materials to American voters and the tracking of this mail has been quite a hassle for US Postal Service workers, they couldn’t have ensured accuracy and efficiency without a working postal tracking system in place.

Postal service tracking provides up-to-date information on the location of important and often sensitive government-issued mail, the reasons for non-delivery, and the estimated time of arrival so that documents can be better managed and monitored by both senders and receivers.

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