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Postal Tracking in Last Mile Delivery

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Admittedly, it’s true that when email came along many people assumed it would signal the end of home mail delivery. At first, as the number of people communicating by email increased while those using traditional mail decreased, this prediction looked poised to come true. This was until online e-commerce stores started becoming more popular, and eventually even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses began to offer e-commerce shopping as well.

The Effects Today of Postal Tracking in Last Mile Delivery

Now, if you visit your local bookstore and they don’t have what you’re looking for, not only can they order it immediately, but they can send it directly to your home. Furthermore, thanks to innovations in postal tracking, you can get an accurate window of when to expect it. This is how e-commerce has grown into such a huge market and brought a new level of quality to last mile delivery.

Economic Concerns of Postal Tracking in Last Mile Delivery

From the sorting of a parcel’s destination location, right until it reaches a customer’s door, last mile is the most expensive portion of the delivery process (accounting for nearly 30% of the total delivery cost). Everything from a driver’s time on the delivery path, to fuel consumption and what happens when a customer is unavailable to receive their delivery contributes to the cost of the last mile.
One of the best ways to combat these high costs is through a postal tracking logistics platform that performs optimized, automated, route planning. This process plans each delivery route based on the destination addresses, automatically finding the most efficient route available. By increasing the number of stops, decreasing the time and distance between stops and incorporating proof of delivery, this reduces fuel costs, time spent on the route and the number of necessary drivers.

Scalable Service of Postal Tracking in Last Mile DeliverySCALABLE SERVICE

A major and very understandable concern when implementing any new platform is how to scale it to the needs of a growing business. A postal tracking platform that is cloud-based and supports BYOD is automatically contractor-ready, meaning that influxes of business can easily be accommodated by increasing the number of drivers contracted. This creates a seamless transition, while cutting out the need to invest in new equipment and gear for new drivers—they already have the technology themselves! And because cloud services are web-based, as your business grows, the service will scale to your business’s size just as seamlessly.
From the sorting facility to the proof of delivery, there are countless opportunities to make the last mile more economic while still being able to grow your business. You just need the right cloud-based postal tracking logistics platform—more specifically, one that is scalable and contractor-ready.

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