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Press Release: ShipTrack Announces Blockchain Availability

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ShipTrack Announces Beta Release of Blockchain-enabled Delivery Platform

 Limited Availability Launch Set for March 3, 2020

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 20, 2020  – ShipTrack the world’s most innovative and scalable delivery management and dispatch platform is pleased to announce that the ShipTrack Secured Delivery Network (SSDN) is available for those organizations interested in understanding the advantages of blockchain.

ShipTrack, a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), was deployed in 2012 and is currently helping to manage tens of millions of deliveries/shipments every month. 

Shawn Winter, ShipTrack’s CEO said, “We’ve made a substantial investment in integrating IBM’s Blockchain technology with ShipTrack.  SSDN is now ready to partner with a limited number of companies who see real value in the benefits of blockchain.”  Winter went on to say, “We are looking forward to receiving user feedback to make SSDN as effective as possible for customers prior to general release.”

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), an association comprised of hundreds of stakeholders within the transportation and logistics sectors, was founded to comprehensively answer a simple question that has puzzled the industry for a very long time – “where is my shipment at?”

ShipTrack’s CTO, Andy Dunn said, “Blockchain is going to have a major impact for several if not all industries but we believe it will be transformative for transportation.  Blockchain is ideally suited to the transportation industry and will drive efficiencies throughout the transportation, supply chain and logistics.”  

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ShipTrack is a leading delivery management and logistics tracking platform that combines technologies such as cloud, wireless, GPS, mobile, dispatching, route optimization, barcode scanning, signature capture and process automation algorithms to respond to user requirements in a range of industries for a growing list of applications.  Today ShipTrack is helping logistics, courier, retail and manufacturing firms as well as users in government and professional services.  ShipTrack’s partner program delivers recurring as well as additional pull-through revenue opportunities for hardware, software and services. Visit:



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