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Press Release: ShipTrack Offers Free Support To NGO’s, Humanitarian Aid, Non-profit and Government Agencies

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Firm Donates Cloud Technology To Manage Deliveries and Improve Operations

OTTAWA, Canada, March 25, 2020 – ShipTrack, the world’s most innovative and scalable delivery management and dispatch platform announced today that will make its cloud logistics technology available to governments and organizations around the world who are attempting to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shawn Winter, ShipTrack’s CEO said, “We are committed to do our part to support front-line organizations who are overseeing the delivery of medicines, equipment, food and any items that are needed to support the public during these demanding times.  We will be offering the unlimited use of ShipTrack at no charge for the next 6 months to qualifying organizations around the world.”

In addition to creating a fast-track deployment process called Accelerated Services Deployment Program (ASDP), the firm has incorporated more automation into its configuration, deployment and user-training services to onboard users immediately so that they can focus on their important tasks.

Andy Dunn, ShipTrack’s CTO commented, “We are always focusing on better ways to deliver accelerated deployments for clients while maintaining the quality of our implementations and now that is more important than ever for humanitarian aid organizations who need to be agile and respond quickly to the needs in the field.”

The platform currently manages millions of shipments/deliveries every day. It automates the logistics processes for dispatch, provides electronic chain of custody records, real time tracking tools, proof of delivery, order allocations, carrier management and much more.  A mobile application for drivers for Android and Apple iOS products captures all activities and wirelessly communicates with ShipTrack’s cloud servers which digitally store operations data for performance reporting and improved decision-making.

To learn more please contact us at or 1-888-860-1665.

About ShipTrack

ShipTrack is a leading delivery management and logistics tracking platform that combines technologies such as cloud, wireless, GPS, mobile, dispatching, route optimization, barcode scanning, signature capture and process automation algorithms to respond to user requirements in a range of industries for a growing list of applications.  Today ShipTrack is helping logistics, courier, retail and manufacturing firms as well as users in government and professional services.  ShipTrack’s partner program delivers recurring as well as additional pull-through revenue opportunities for hardware, software and services. Visit:


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