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Reduce Delivery Driver Workload With A Single Integrated App

BlogPost reduce delivery driver workload with a single integrated app

Logistics Firms Minimizing Workload For Delivery Drivers

If you are a logistics firm employing drivers to perform delivery services for multiple shipping customers, you are often faced with having to ensure your drivers use multiple apps to process deliveries and reduce the workload for delivery drivers.  The importance of this is clear - shipping customers want to be able to collect the data necessary to be able to update their customers. The growth in ecommerce is a case in point.  Out of business, online retailers often contract with third party logistics firms to offer home delivery services. Information about the status of deliveries, where a shipment is and when it it is finally delivered to it's destination, is important to all stakeholders shippers, carriers and online shoppers.

Logistics Data in Reduce Delivery Driver Workload With A Single Integrated AppLogistics Data

Here is a sample list of the types of data points generated by these online transactions:

      • Shipment Barcode
      • Item Details
      • GPS Coordinates
      • Consignee Signature
      • Time / Date Stamp

Data Transfer Challenges in Reduce Delivery Driver Workload With A Single Integrated AppData Transfer Challenges

Delivery drivers are critical to these data collection tasks by using GPS-enabled mobile computers to collect and send status updates on the progress of shipments.  The method in which data collection systems are implemented means that drivers need to use just one application for all customers or a different application for each customer.  The growth in the number of ecommerce customers often drives increased complexity and IT challenges for logistics firms and put's added stress on drivers to learn multiple apps.

Integrated platforms in Reduce Delivery Driver Workload With A Single Integrated AppIntegrated Platforms

The solution to overloading drivers with multiple applications is a software system that presents a single uniform application that drivers can use for all customers.  These systems are configurable  and, as such, deliver the correct data in the way that logistics customers need it.  This eliminates complexity for drivers and improves operational productivity while minimizing and customer impact. To learn more please contact us by clicking here.    

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