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Retailers Benefit By Centralizing Carrier Networks

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Retailers often leverage a vast network of carriers to deliver to different regions.

We are in an era where retailers are now extending their offerings on a global scale, often leveraging a vast network of carriers to deliver to different regions. As great as this is, the issue with having a large carrier network is the decentralization of processes. It is optimal for retailers with third party logistics providers to centralize processes onto one platform. This improves carrier communication, standardizes measurements of efficiency, controls the customer experience and helps centralize your logistics processes.

Improved Carrier Communication in Retailers Benefit by Centralizing Carrier NetworkImproved Carrier Communication

By centralizing logistics processes, organizations can control the entire supply chain from inception to delivery. Implementation of a logistics management platform that consolidates carriers all on one screen can vastly improve efficiencies. A standardized process allows organizations to capture uniform data and gain visibility over the entire supply chain/delivery network. This reduces the number of customer calls made to both the organization and its carriers.

Standardized KPI's in Retailers Benefit by Centralizing Carrier NetworkStandardized KPI’s

When capturing status updates and data from carriers, it is important for organizations to have a standardized method of measurement. This allows them to compare multiple carriers based on defined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). In a decentralized logistics process, organizations can’t obtain uniform data from each carrier, making it difficult to compare. Uniform data provides the ability to measure carriers against each other based on numerous factors such as, on-time performance, damage claims, completed stops, etc. Having the ability to compare carriers based on this data and being able to compare on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis allows for organizations to understand which areas of the network need improvement 

Control in Retailers Benefit by Centralizing Carrier NetworkControl Over Customer Experience

By standardizing logistics processes on one platform, organizations can mandate the status updates they wish to capture.  This applies to  capturing an electronic signature upon delivery or capturing photos of damaged parcels. Organizations can brand it how they choose and configure the updates drivers provide. Many retailers that centralize their logistics processes can also provide promotions to the customer the instant a parcel is delivered.

Centralizing in Retailers Benefit by Centralizing Carrier NetworkCentralizing Your Logistics Processes

Today, organizations are shipping through multiple carriers. It is imperative that organizations centralize their transportation network onto one platform to improve communication across carriers and standardize the supply chain process from warehouse to front door. Having a platform that is centralized and easily deployable helps organizations with hiring contract carriers for busy seasons like the holidays. Retailers tend to bring in over 40% of their annual revenue during this time, and being able to easily deploy to contracted carriers is vital to the success of their business. ShipTrack currently works with several of the world’s premier retailers, distributors, and couriers to help provide uniform visibility of shipments all on one platform. ShipTrack has become a vital tool in improving communication across networks, providing improved control over the customer experience as well as the ability to easily compare carrier data.

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