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Revolutionary App Tracks Over 1 Million Deliveries a Week

BlogPost revolutionary app tracks over 1 million deliveries a week

Today, Ottawa-based ShipTrack, a leading cloud transportation tracking system, announces that it has hit a new milestone .

Ottawa, ON –  Today, Ottawa based ShipTrack, a leading cloud transportation tracking system, announces that it has hit a new milestone .  The platform is processing 1 million shipments per week.  Since 2013 when the first clients started using the platform, ShipTrack is seeing a return on the pace of innovation. This is evident with the daily shipments hitting an all-time high this week.  “We’re very proud that ShipTrack is the solution many transportation and retail companies are using to deliver their products.” Said Shawn Winter, President at ShipTrack. “With consumer and industry demands rapidly increasing, ShipTrack provides the tools necessary for these organizations to deliver on the promise they’ve made to their customers.”

ShipTrack helps companies locate, track and communicate information about products moving throughout their supply chain.  eCommerce growth and the increasing demand consumers have for information about the location of their online purchases is therefore fueling the need for innovative solutions such as ShipTrack.  Additionally, features such as route optimization, advanced scheduling, and providing real-time vehicle location information to the customer is where ShipTrack pushes the envelope on innovation.

“Transportation firms are under increasing pressure to accommodate the demands of omnichannel retailers.  The increasing risk of fines for late deliveries, shrinking margins for transportation companies, and the requirement to guarantee delivery times to consumers creates an increasing need for our solutions.  Legacy solutions and paper don’t work in today’s world.” said Mr. Winter.

About ShipTrack

ShipTrack was born in 2013 out of PiiComm, another local success story and a fixture for the past 6 years on the Profit 500, a list of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Founded in 2007, PiiComm helps enterprise customers procure, manage, utilize, and support mobile devices, scanners, and technology equipment.

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