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Same-Day Delivery Tools For Retailers

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Retailers who do not offer some form of expedited delivery services, are likely to be disregarded by speed-hungry consumers.

Retail demands are hitting a new high with the increase in competitive express delivery and shipping services being offered. Integrating simple tech solutions into your business process, means you can offer express delivery such as same-day delivery, with ease. The full delivery platform, ShipTrack, can offer key features that make same-day shipping possible for your business.

Top 5 features needed for same-day delivery are as follows:

Mapping in Same Day Delivery Tools For RetailersMapping

A Mapping feature allows you to view your entire fleet from an interactive map in real-time. This visual display allows for a clear consensus of how many drivers are in the field, the current status of active jobs and how efficiently they are meeting their delivery goals. This feature is ideal for businesses who manage fleets across a broad geographical area. By having real-time visibility of fleets, dispatchers can ensure that drivers are on route and so, on time for express delivery demands.

Estimated Time of Arrival in Same Day Delivery Tools For RetailersEstimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

ETA’s are critical in having a full understanding of how efficiently shipment deliveries are. By having a timer on each point of the supply chain, you can see how long each leg of the shipping journey takes.  You can also determine how fast they are to approaching their deadline. Furthermore, ETA’s allow dispatchers and drivers to view how much time is left to meet a service level agreement.

Route Optimization in Same Day Delivery Tools For RetailersRoute Optimization

Route Optimization uses computer data and algorithms to assign jobs to the closest driver based on traffic delays, red lights, turns and intersections. Essentially, it identifies the most efficient route for the delivery. With route optimization features, your shipments will always be delivered by the best route for distance, fuel and time.

Auto Dispatching in Same Day Delivery Tools For RetailersAuto Dispatching 

With the Auto Dispatch feature you can customize settings to automatically dispatch jobs to drivers based on their current locations as orders arrive. This feature saves time and money as opposed to manually dispatching all jobs and routes amongst your drivers.

Electronic Proof of Delivery in Same Day Delivery Tools For RetailersElectronic Proof of Delivery

With electronic proof of delivery clients are able to electronically sign a device in order to accept their packages. This process ensures a successful delivery and negates the risk of losing a paper manifest. The completion of an electronic signature results in you automatically receiving a completed delivery proof at the point of signature which results in faster invoicing.

Same-day delivery is a feature that brings customer service to a new level. The changing retail landscape calls for more innovative services each day. Being able to offer your consumers the products they want in a smooth and timely manner will result in your becoming an industry leader in delivery services.




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