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Shipment Tracking and Other Revenue Opportunities

ShipTrack BlogPost shipment tracking and other revenue opportunities

How Postal Service Tracking, Reliability, and Availability Translate into Profit Opportunities

Current trends in the delivery and logistics industries are largely focused around how to provide the kind of service that creates a competitive advantage without spending a fortune along the way. This can be accomplished with the help of things like postal service tracking, reliable delivery windows, and always-available service in both B2C and B2B models. In these industries, the quality of the service you provide—its speed, accuracy, and accountability—are all you have as selling propositions. And without the right strategy, delivering that quality can quickly become incredibly expensive. Done correctly, however, you can create opportunities to not only gain a competitive advantage, but to save money along the way, by simultaneously increasing the number of orders that you deliver while decreasing the actual cost per individual order. Here are some of the biggest revenue-growing strategies for your business:

Shipment Tracking Technology in Shipment Tracking and Other Revenue OpportunitiesShipment Tracking Technology

Postal service tracking has revolutionized the way deliveries are made. From the outside, it appears to be simply be an added convenience for customers, allowing them to view the status of their order—and truthfully, that alone would be an incredible value proposition. But the genuine benefit of shipment tracking is the visibility that it creates for the shipper. Whether in eCommerce and retail or inventory and other B2B functions, added visibility ensures a much greater degree of order accuracy while saving money by having fewer vehicles on the road. Additionally, it provides greater ability to plan and optimize efficient delivery routes, making it possible to delivery more packages with less drivers. Many of these technologies are scalable as well—creating another opportunity by decreasing the cost per shipment based on how many shipments you make per month.

Reliable Delivery Windows in Shipment Tracking and Other Revenue OpportunitiesReliable Delivery Windows

It’s true that a business’s reputation still matters greatly—perhaps more so than ever in a time when a single review on the internet can be read by every potential client. For this reason, it is equally as important that you arrive when you say you will, as it is that you are efficient and accurate. This demonstrates that you are professional and trustworthy, and helps build positive relationships with your customers, whether they are eCommerce shoppers or business managers.

Continuous Availability in Shipment Tracking and Other Revenue OpportunitiesContinuous Availability

This has become a bigger issue in recent years than ever before thanks to the digital revolution. In an economic landscape where everyone is connected, your clientele will come to expect that they can always place an order—and in B2B applications, it’s important that you are available at all times. For example, if your company delivers foodstuff, and a restauranteur experiences an unexpected surge in business one day, they may place an order for more inventory immediately. If you are unable to prepare and send that order overnight so that it arrives the next morning, then you may lose that client’s business, because now they have lost money—and as a result, you may too. By being continuously available, with the shipment tracking infrastructure to actively change and update orders as flexibly as possible, you are positioning yourself as the clear choice.

Delivering goods is easy—delivering exceptional service, however, takes exceptional effort and a solid strategy. By implementing postal service tracking, creating reliable delivery windows, and making yourself continuously available to the businesses and people who rely on you, you can set the stage for impressive revenue opportunities.

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