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ShipTrack Launches Blockchain Beta Program


ShipTrack is the world’s most innovative and scalable logistics management platform.  This cloud-based service is easily configurable to fit varying workflows and offers an intuitive, ergonomic interface that your workforce will adopt quickly.

As a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) and an IBM Blockchain Services partner, ShipTrack today announces the launch of the ShipTrack Secured Delivery Network (SSDN) BETA program.

Shawn Winter, ShipTrack's CEO said, "We've made a substantial investment in integrating IBM's Blockchain technology with ShipTrack.  SSDN is now ready to partner with a limited number of companies who see real value in the benefits of blockchain."  Winter went on to say, "We are looking forward to getting user feedback to make SSDN as effective as possible for customers and are very much looking forward to progressing through this last key milestone before general availability."

The transportation industry is massive and a strong beneficiary of blockchain's distributed-ledger technology.  BiTA members are working to apply blockchain to solve some of the most challenging problems in trucking which moves roughly 70% of the nation's freight, according to the American Trucking Association.

To learn if you qualify for the beta program please click here.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger using blocks (or bundles of transactions) that are linked and secured by cryptography. As a result, data entered into the blockchain cannot be modified or corrupted. What’s more, because the ledger is distributed, there is no single central authority that’s in charge of certifying the information. That’s the beauty of the system. Watch the 2-minute video below to learn more.

Why Use Blockchain?

According to the ATA, the trucking industry is 90% comprised of comapnies that have six trucks or less.  As result it is an enormously fragmented industry which struggles to match shippers (the demand) with carriers (the supply). The end result of this efficiency is that truckers drive 29 billion miles with partial or empty loads.  Matching shippers with carriers is one of the key benefits of blockchain.

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of using blockchain technology (Why Use Blockchain Technology? Bernard Marr & Co):

  • Increase Transparency
  • Improve Trust
  • End-end Traceability
  • Better Scalability
  • Decrease Costs

  • Greater Security
SSDN Beta Program

The ShipTrack platform was launched in 2012 and currently manages millions of shipments every month.  SSDN has been in development for about a year, has already undergone some user testing and is designed to enable organizations to take advantage of blockchain.

This program is ideal for organizations with plans to test blockchain. Initial availability is limited.

For details and to learn more about participating in a beta evaluation of ShipTrack's Secured Data Network please click here.


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