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ShipTrack Plans Move To New Facility in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, near Montreal

BlogPost shiptrack plans move to new facility in sorel tracy quebec near montreal

ShipTrack's COO, Yan Parenteau,  today said the firm is planning a move to a new facility within Sorel-Tracy, Quebec.  The ShipTrack software engineering, support and key management team members  will soon be relocating to a much larger, more work-friendly, premise.

Yan Parenteau, ShipTrack COO

Sorel-Tracy is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada and the geographical end of the Champlain Valley. Located at the confluence of the Richelieu and the St. Lawrence Rivers, it is just east of nearby Montreal. With approximately 34,000 people and roots that go back to the mid-1600's, Sorel-Tracy offers a wide range of amenities.

Yan Parenteau,  ShipTrack's  Chief Operating Officer, in a radio interview, stressed the importance of the new location.  He said the firm is planning to accommodate an anticipated 50% growth in staff.   A substantial investment is being made in the facility which is located near the town's waterfront.

ShipTrack's CEO, Shawn Winter said, " We’re really excited about the growth of our team in Sorel and now they’ll have an amazing new home in the heart of the city!"


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