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ShipTrack-powered Delivery Firms Adapting Workflows To Minimize Pathogen Transmission

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Workflow Flexibility Enables "No Touch" Delivery

With ongoing and growing concern about COVID-19 home delivery firms are starting to take measures to protect their drivers and consumers by changing the way packages are delivered.  The objective is to eliminate the requirement for consumers to touch signature capture devices such as mobile computers and smartphones



Typically, as most of us have experienced the delivery driver will request a signature on a mobile device in order to complete the delivery.  The signature and associated data about the item(s) delivered along with in most cases, the GPS co-ordinates as well as time and date stamp are then used by logistics management software for a number of reasons but for the carrier this critical piece of data is the reason they get paid.

Though so far unproven, there has been concern expressed, that there is increased potential for exposure, during the signature capture process.


Increasingly last mile delivery firms using ShipTrack to manage operations are leveraging the platform’s customizable workflows to eliminate the requirement for consumers to have to sign for deliveries yet still capture sufficient data to prove the delivery was completed.


In a matter of minutes a delivery operator can “push” a new workflow to a driver’s device to be used all the time of just in certain circumstances.

The bottom-line is deliveries are not interrupted, drivers and consumers are protected and delivery operations continue as usual.

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