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ShipTrack Shortens Contract Terms to Help You Deliver Efficiently Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Access to delivery logistics tools now made easier than ever

Ottawa, Ontario, March 25, 2020 – ShipTrack, the world’s most innovative and scalable delivery management and dispatch platform is announcing the new flexible contract options to help companies deliver more efficiently during this COVID-19 crisis. ShipTrack has been deemed an essential service as we power the world’s supply chain and companies offering home delivery services.

ShipTrack has decided to offer month to month contracts instead of annual commitments for up to six months from the deployment date.  This will make it easier for delivery firms to respond quickly to changing needs.

ShipTrack will help you:

  • Manage deliveries in a paperless manner
  • Optimize routes and deliveries
  • Get digital Proof of Delivery, take pictures and capture GPS coordinates
  • See where your drivers are in real time with no hardware to install in the vehicle
  • No IT infrastructure required and works on existing Android and iPhone devices

In addition, ShipTrack’s development and implementation teams have joined forces to launch an Accelerated Deployment Program, this has been in the works since the start of 2020 and is a comprehensive suite of templates, processes, training and application tools that automate much of the effort to on-board new customers very quickly.  ShipTrack can be deployed to manage delivery operations in a matter of days and requires no IT infrastructure.

Shawn Winter, ShipTrack’s CEO and co-founder said, “In this time of need, we feel that it is our corporate responsibility to help companies get through these challenging times. In the current climate we see incredible demand for home delivery services, and we can help companies who’s business models have changed to get operational immediately.”

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