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ShipTrack Showcases Next-Gen Cloud Logistics At MODEX 2020 Transportation & Logistics Solutions Center

BlogPost shiptrack showcases next gen cloud logistics at modex 2020 transportation solutions center

MODEX 2020 Show

As the speed of manufacturing, supply chain and transportation operations continues to accelerate, the future of our industry depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. From illuminating education to next-generation technology and equipment in action, MODEX lets you see what’s coming — and take advantage of it to power your supply chain with endless possibilities for years to come.

MODEX brings together manufacturers, retailers, shippers and transportation, supply chain and logistics professionals across four days to meet, network and conduct business. To optimize the MODEX experience for both exhibitors and attendees, MODEX exhibitors are organized into five industry-specific Solutions Centers including the Transportation & Logistics Solution Center.

Modex Transportation and Logistics Solution Center

Sustained growth in e-commerce coupled with the progressive digitization of logistics processes and the revolutionary impact of the Industrial Internet of Things is creating enormous opportunities for transportation and logistics. In this Solution Center you will find solutions to bring people, markets and goods together in a way that is faster, more efficient and more sustainable. This is the center where buyers can see, touch and operate these transportation and logistics solutions including solutions for road, rail, sea and air freight transportation, as well as parcel delivery, security, autonomous vehicles, robotics, sensors, supply chain management software, third party logistics and reverse logistics.

$400B Market Opportuntity

ShipTrack is the world’s most innovative and scalable logistics management platform.  Our motto effectively describes what we do:  Track Anything, Anywhere. ShipTrack is easily configurable to fit your workflow and offers an intuitive, ergonomic interface that your workforce will adopt quickly.  First deployed in 2013, ShipTrack is currently helping customers manage tens of millions of deliveries, every month. ShipTrack optimizes logistics processes so that logistics organizations are able to respond to explosive growth in the parcel delivery industry.  Research studies predict that the Global Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) industry will reach over $400B in size in 2024. ShipTrack's CEO, Shawn Winter said, "Large and small customers are razor-focused on not only the capabilities of cloud technologies but are increasingly diligent about understanding how solution partners will mitigate the effects of change management on employees and customers.  Over the years we've invested heavily in our technology's ability to adapt to customer workflows and also our teams' ability to onboard clients efficiently and with minimal organizational impact." Show attendees who drop by booth 6770 will see a live, real-time demonstration of field-proven cloud technology. To learn more click to download the brochure or click here to arrange a demonstration.

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