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ShipTrack Supports Contactless Delivery

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In light of the risk and restrictions imposed by Covid-19, more and more consumers are turning to online retail as their first—or in some cases, only—choice for meeting their shopping needs. This has meant more demand for home delivery and, in particular, more demand for delivery which can be done safely, reliably, and conveniently for customers and couriers alike. One of the main ways to meet the requirements of said demand is through implementation of contactless delivery.

A selection of the benefits conferred to businesses offering contactless delivery include:

  • More convenient transactions
  • Reduced risk of contagious spread
  • Customer appreciation and brand loyalty
  • Increased business opportunities

To that end, contactless delivery has become a near necessity across a wide range of industries and organizations. More than ever, it is crucial that firms within these industries employ systems and solutions which can provide the delivery options required to ensure peace of mind for all those involved along each step of the process.


ShipTrack offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate contactless delivery and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the industry or organization as required for optimizing the application in coordination with existing processes and considerations.

In implementing contactless delivery, ShipTrack affords clients a number of key features:

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) 
    • ShipTrack enables real-time verification the moment a job has been completed. This includes both electronic signature POD, as well as photo capture to ensure multiple methods of verification and transactional redundancy.
  • Email Notifications
    • ShipTrack enables a seamless customer experience with email updates upon delivery for clients and their customers.
    • These notifications can also provide live updates regarding package location, with geotags and timestamps captured with every event, providing the necessary details for tracking and conflict resolution, if necessary.
  • Pick-up and Delivery (PUDO)
    • ShipTrack supports pick-up, deliveries, and pick-up then delivery, no matter the complexity of the workflow.
    • Further, ShipTrack can provide clients with PUDO opportunities, enabling more possibilities for people to stay home.

Bottom line: for organizations looking to secure the benefits of contactless delivery, only ShipTrack offers the exceptional flexibility, convenience, and capability required to optimize for your unique business needs. 

To learn more speak to one of our product specialists or click here to book a demo.

For more information about Covid-19, follow this link to the Government of Canada information page.


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