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ShipTrack's Mobile App Now Integrates With Waze


New Feature Release: Waze Integration

ShipTrack the most innovative and scalable delivery logistics and dispatch platform is announcing that our mobile app for drivers will include integration with Waze, the GPS navigation software owned by Google.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation - Apps on ...

With the Waze app downloaded on the mobile device it will now be the default navigation option available within Shiptrack.

Some integration features: 

  • When in the job details screen of the mobile application, selecting the address will now bring up the Waze navigation application and will provide turn by turn navigation.
  • The first time this is done on a new device after a fresh installation, you will be prompted to select Waze as your default map application.
  • When in the Waze application there will be a designated button to bring you back to the job details screen of ShipTrack.
  • When returning to the job details screen the ETA, Travel time, and travel distance will be displayed in the bottom of the screen.

Waze integration for Android and iOS will be rolled out in phases over the next thirty days.

To learn more email is at or contact us at +1.888.860.1665.

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