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Software For Deeper Manufacturer Relationships

BlogPost software for deeper manufacturer relationships

Manufacturing companies need software to create retailer-consumer partnerships.

As shopping seasons approach consumers are ready to buy and manufacturers need to be able to adjust and scale for the high demand periods.

But as a manufacturer, how can you adapt to these trends? By leveraging the newest state-of-the art technologies available.  These enable you to create more in-depth partnerships with retailers and consumers.  Some may question how software helps with direct partnership, communication and visibility.

Here are is three technology advantages ShipTrack can offer you:

Connection in Software For Deeper Manufacturer RelationshipsConnection

By leveraging ShipTrack, software that connects partners to a single system allows transferring items from manufacturers to retailers to be seamless. This enables partners to have in-depth visibility of products that may be damaged, delayed and much more.

Real-Time Updates in Software For Deeper Manufacturer RelationshipsReal-Time Updates

Retailers can receive real-time notifications on items being created, packaged, and shipped. Therefore, both parties now have supply chain visibility while helping customers prepare for incoming shipments. In addition, your customers may request a specific time frame when you can have the product delivered. The drivers now have real-time updates as well as all the necessary information to exceed expectations.

Service Level Agreements in Software For Deeper Manufacturer RelationshipsService Level Agreements

State-of-the art technology, ShipTrack, has capabilities to enable service level agreements. As a result, manufacturing companies enjoy a competitive advantage by exceeding customer expectations. Service level agreements ensure everyone is held accountable. This includes manufacturing staff, loaders/warehousing staff and drivers. They all need to work collaboratively to ensure these agreements are met. In the end, you will be more competitive while pleasing customers. With a click of a button, customer service representatives can easily see progress on service levels. In addition, they are able to immediately respond to customer inquiries. More importantly they have precise information on where the product is throughout the process.

ShipTrack is all about partnership. We deliver on our promise and so will our clients - every time.

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