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Start a Business and Start Shipping

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Are you starting your own business? Are you trying to speed up your current shipping process?  Looking at offering home delivery? These initiatives are all possible – if you know how to properly manage your inventory for the last mile. Dealing with inventory and shipping can be intimidating at the start. By using the right tools for the job, you can make the process a lot less painstaking.

These are all the steps to getting your shipping underway:

Inventory Control for Home Deliveries


When starting your own business, you are probably starting off with good old pen and paper and a few excel sheets to keep track of inventory. But like any business owner, you would hope to grow over time, while also being able to keep track and manage your inventory properly, so ideally you would need a management software.
If you were to use a software such as ShipTrack, you would be able to instantly and very easily keep track of what you are shipping out. So, let’s say you are selling clothing and a customer has ordered 2 dozen of the same shirts. From the moment the customer has placed the order to the point of being delivered, your inventory will be kept track of and in control. So, imagine how efficient this would be for thousands of people ordering from you?

Parcel Tracking for Home Deliveries


In in any business or organization it is difficult at times to trust anyone outside your "circle". Your business or product is like your baby, so you want to make sure you do everything in your favor to keep it safe and you also want to make sure your customers are able to rely on you. To ensure that this is possible and that your customers get their deliveries on time and in the right place, you should always be using a track and trace software. By incorporating this, you are able to maintain visibility which relieves a lot of stress from both parties, trusting your shipments will get to their destination without just relying on someone’s word.

Driver Management for Home Deliveries


It is no surprise that when organizations run their own fleets they have their hands pretty full and one of the most reoccurring challenges in terms of managing a fleet is keeping track of your drivers. As a manager, you should know where your drivers are at all times, if they are meeting their expectations and if they are delivering your goods and services as efficiently as possible. So how can one enhance driver management?
By incorporating ShipTrack for your fleet, you are able to track each driver through a GPS locator as soon as they are logged into the application and ready for deliveries. Through our app, you are also given access to real time tracking to ensure that every driver will reach their daily deadlines.

Proof of Delivery for Home Deliveries


Once this is all said and done, there is one last step to complete through your delivery process to make sure that everything ran smoothly and that the customer is happy, which is proof of delivery. Within any business, big or small you want to make sure your customer was satisfied and did in fact receive what they ordered and by providing proof of delivery on the spot, this eliminates any errors or issues down the line. Proof of delivery ensures that your customer received their package in one piece, with no damages and ideally on time.

When starting a shipping business, you will be faced with many challenges, and so why not incorporate a software that can lighten up the load just a bit. By investing in a strong software, you are not only allowing for simpler operations, but also exponential growth, and if it is easy to use why not jump on board?


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